Biography of Pierfrancesco Dugoni

I was born in Rome in 1977, the city where i currently live and work. After graduating in Sociology in 2006, i started taking photographs and using the computer to process my photos with post-production programs like Photoshop, by often twisting the original files and then experimenting printing techniques for example on forex and wood. This is the origin of some digital art works that i exposed in furniture markets and - with the artistic duo Hot – Dog - exhibitions  dedicated to various artistic expressions, such as the inauguration of the Takeaway Gallery Gallery (Rome, 2009), the group exhibit ‘Artisti per Artificio’ (Rome, 2010), the art section of the first International Film Festival of Ostia (Ostia, 2010), the artistic Thursdays of the Electronic Art Café (Rome, 2010 ) and the personal exhibition at the Fidia gallery (Rome, 2010).
In 2011, i opened a shop in Rome - Kromatika Lab – where - in collaboration with the graphic designer Lorenzo Consorti - i realize posters, decorative panels, modern paintings and other furnishing items in Pop Art style. I also carry out graphics advertising activities.
At the same time, i never stopped developping my interest in pure photography, especially street photography in black and white, but also concerts and portraits.
In 2013, my photography ‘Railways’ was exhibited at the Goo See group exhibition curated by Cristina Madini at the Rosso Cinabro gallery in Rome. The work was also chosen as the cover of the event on various art websites. In 2018 some of my photographs were selected and published online by the Mizar Art gallery in Rome, which is part of the international Wallector project. In 2019 my photographic series that have as main subject the historical center of Rome have been reviewed on the Dantebus website.
In the beginning of 2020, my Pedoni and Pantheon photography was exhibited in the international art exhibition in Rome Artexpo Winter Rome 2020 and Artexpo February Rome 2020 by Angelo Ribezzi at the Art Gallery Rome gallery in Rome.