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Scole' Tullio

Biography of Tullio Scole'

Tullio Scolè born in Voghera in the 1932, given a diploma surveyors to the technical high school " turns " . in Pavia.
One dedicates since boy to the painting choosing a form of historical neoespressionismo with big sensitiveness works dedicated to our soldiers' sacrifice by the period of the Risorgimento to the second world war. Some between the most significant works are published in the form of prints and postcards from collection.
Furthermore he treats the kind painting: landscapes and dead natures where the technique is used of perception and attention of figures and images concerning the "gestalth theorie".
In 1981 in Casale Monferrato, in a prizegiving, was mentioned as : " the romantic storico-militare research painter " .
He received letters of estimate, admiration and recognition for the value of its works from every part of Italy and from abroad (United Kingdom).
In the 1983 the Alessandro Pertini Republic president, the "rider's cross" was giving him to the merit of the Italian Republic for the the artistic one work dedicated to those who sacrificed themselves and died for Italy.
Writing as an author associated with S.I.A.E. OLAF section from December 2012 and in the section CINEMA since July 2013.
More significant exposures
Vienna 1980 Planks-Kirkengasse tunnel
Malta 1980 dell's limb fair copy museum.
Paris 1982 (invite up) nation hall .
Naples 1989 XVII biennial national of holy art .
New York 1990 center Convention of Manhattan.
Milan 1993 Modigliani tunnel.
Pavia 2005 Mezzabarba palace.
Dvd short film presentation places
Voghera (PV) 29/09/ 2007 " a night to . museum " historical G. Beccari museum presentation of the multimedia cd "in the shadow of the tricolour one" . and exposure of epic deeds works of the Risorgimento cultural event promoted by the Lombardy area in cooperation with the province of Pavia.
2007 professional superior school Ipsia of Voghera (PV) and Varzi (PV)
2008 state junior high school in Sale (to)
Voghera (PV) 03/18/2008 show inauguration of the Risorgimento. with relative projection in preview to the convention room of the primary school giving Alighieri of the dvd "in the shadow of the tricolour one", in presence of town authorities and teachers . The pictorial, reproduced tables of aluminium with lambda print, am in stay in the dedicated hall of the school to the revival.
2008 Italy villa promoted by the councils of Broni and Cigognola (PV)
2008 library of Rivanazzano (PV) .
Voghera (PV) 06/05/2009 circulate the meetig place projection to the citizenship of . dvd "from the Victorian to the Republic"
Lungavilla (PV) 08/14/2009 . with the sponsorship of the PROLOCO house Auditorium of the young one projection to the citizenship of . dvd "from the Victorian to the Republic"
willow thermal bath (PV) . 25/09/2010 . press the primary school of thermal bath willow, in inauguration opportunity of plan " Italy 150 : . an opportunity to remember the future of Paese " opened to the families of the comprehensive Rivanazzano institute, am had states . and project from the school manager in presence some town authorities, the mayor and the Municipal Council Of Rivanazzano and some Deputy major Of Godiasco, the multimedia filmed sequences "in the shadow of the tricolour one" and "from the Victorian to the Republic" .
Voghera (PV) 01/21/2011 in opportunity of the cycle of meetings and events cultural press the UniTre, university of the three age , projection and discussion of the dvd . complete "100 years in the shadow of the tricolour one" born in 2010 of the short film fusion " in the shadow of the tricolour and one from the Victorian to the Republic with addition of new elements and special effects and epoch songs .
Volpedo (AL) 17/3/2011 to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, at the Municipal Meeting Room delPalazzo Volpedo movie was screened on the historical and artistic media "100 years the shadow of the tricolor" followed by a debate with the public in the presence of city authorities.
Broni (PV) 30/04/2011 New Villa at home to Italy was projected NEW SHORT FILM "BEFORE DAWN A FORGOTTEN HERO" event dedicated to "The partisan Rino Balladore" organized during the week dedicated to the Partisan resistance to Celebrations for the 66th anniversary of Liberation, the City of Broni in collaboration with the ANPI of Broni and Voghera. After the screening of the movie, was followed by a meeting-debate in the presence of the culture of the City of Broni, and the provincial association for members of the Committee
Voghera (PV) 04/11/2011 was represented at the salon of the Millennium, organized by 'UNITRE Voghera, the movie multimedia historical subject "First of Dawn." It tells of an incident that happened 67 years ago in Voghera night of November 3, 1944 during the Resistance, an event that commemorates the heroism of the Risorgimento partisan Rino Balladore, Voghera, who sacrificed himself in a lonely battle to support the withdrawal of his patrol had fallen in Voghera for military action. The movie, has aroused keen interest among the spectators.
Lungavilla (PV), 04/24/2102 Auditorium at the parish hall, in full and complete version has been presented and screened the first time the old media SHORT FILM "SUBLIME HOLOCAUST" event organized by the City of Lungavilla, in cooperation with municipalities of Castelletto and Verretto, the presence of Mr Virginio Rognoni and Mayors prof. Embers of Lungavilla Martin, Luciano Villani of Castelletto, Luigino Polin Verretto and the parish priest of Don Cesare Lungavilla Depaoli who enthusiastically allowed the use of the Auditorium.
The event was accompanied by Banda music and the Choir directed by Dr. Master Gabba presence Alpine Association.
Voghera, 2/13/14 at the Hall of the University Millenarium dell'Unitre of the three ages, was presented the short film "The Shepherd of God" who has been very warmly received by the audience.
Pavia from 26/04/14 to 04/05/14 in Santa Maria Gualtieri on the occasion of the bicentenary of the foundation of the Carabinieri Corps, during the exhibition of postcards, memorabilia and historical documents, was screened IN PREMIERE, my movie historical multimedia "THE FLAME THAT DOES NOT STOP" great emotional effect. All 'exhibition opening on 26 April was attended by numerous AUTHORITY' CITY AND MILITARY. The event was organized dall'Assoc. Sez National Police. of Pavia in collaboration with the patronage of the Municipality of Pavia Department of public libraries.
Menconico (PV) 8.13.14 in collaboration with the Pro Loco and the Municipality of Menconico was screened in the Multipurpose Room decked with flags my historical film on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the sacrifice of the brave fellow Patriot policeman Rinaldo Della Giovanna. Among the large audience present local authorities: Senator L. Panigazzi, the President of Proloco C. Stafforini, the Mayor PD Bertorelli, President ANPI Valle Nice C. Schiavi, Ass. Alpini and A.N.C. Varzi.
Broni 11/29/14 at the Conference Room of the new Cultural Centre, they celebrated 200 years of history by the Foundation of Praise., The large presence of the public and city officials, the military, the screening of the movie history; The event was organized by the Culture of the Municipality of Broni and ANC Assoc. National Arma dei Carabinieri on leave of Broni and the Association. Regional and Provincial Lombardy dell'A.N.P.I. Speakers included Senator Prof. Tullio Mountain, the writer-doctor Pierluigi Scole and PNA President Alberto Peter Merlini.
E 'was given a honorary plaque to partisan centenary Renzo Salvini.
Cornale-Bastia 12/05/14 in the Council Hall, took place the showing of the film-historical presence of the Deputy Mayor, the President of the Municipal Library and the coordinator Dr. Valenti. Welcome the presence of the military Meritorious station Casei Gerola.
Voghera 03/04/2015 at the Hall of the Millennial dell'Unitre, there was a screening of the documentary film, the presence of teachers and of a decent audience of passionate users of contemporary history.
Voghera, April 8, 2015, to the "Library Ticinum" was held the first official presentation of the short film about the Great War: "The Piave whispered". Discreet presence of an audience very attentive and interested in the events that involved in the first World War, millions of Italians called to arms.
Bressana Bottarone, May 24, 2015 to 100 years to the beginning of World War I, was held in the Council Hall the screening of the documentary film The Piave whispered; to follow there was a brief commemoration to the fallen of World War local by Sindache MT Torretta for the City of Bressana Bottarone and M. Bernini for the City Bastida Pancarana. The event was organized by both municipalities in collaboration with the Pro Loco.
Voghera, 18 June 2015 by the Visconti castle during the photographic and documentary exhibition "1915-1918 The war far from the front" is the historical short film was screened "The Piave whispered". The exhibition was organized by the Historical Civic Municipality of Voghera, in collaboration with the Department of Culture, the Assoc.Immaginaria and Baratta Institute.
Sannazzaro de 'Burgondi, 17 to 26 September 2015 took place the inauguration of the "September sannazzarese" festivities at the "Library Tacconi" which was organized by the Municipality and Department of Culture of Sannazzaro during which my short was screened "The Piave whispered".
Voghera, 14 October 2015 at the Salone del Millenarium Unitre University was held a screening of the historical short "The Piave whispered" in the presence of teachers and students are very interested.
Cervesina, November 8, 2015 it held the Memorial to the Fallen of the Great War and to follow was screened at the Oratory Parish my movie "The Piave whispered" in the presence of the Mayor and the Councillor of Culture Cervesina. The event was organized by the Municipality of Cervesina in collaboration of the Parish.
Ponte Nizza (PV) 21/11/2015 in the Multipurpose Room of the Municipality was held the screening of my documentary short "The Piave whispered" in the presence of the Mayor and Assossore of Culture and a decent audience of citizens who enjoyed the movie , including many teachers.
Voghera 01/28/16 at the Institute state including "G.Pascoli" is the screening of the movie "The Piave whispered took place" in the presence of a large audience very careful of teachers and students in their final years of secondary school.
Godiasco 02.04.16 was held a screening of the DVD "The Piave whispered" at the State Middle School in the presence of teachers and students.
Rivanazzano 02/11/16 at the Comprehensive School is a screening of the short-docu "The Piave whispered took place" in the presence of teachers, students and parents. The event was also open to the public, also attended by the Mayor.
Salice Terme 03/04/16 at the state primary school was held the docu-short projection "The Piave whispered" in the presence of a very active audience of teachers and students of classes 5.
San Sebastiano Curone (Al) 05.16.16 at the State Secondary School of First Instance in the presence of teachers and students of the third year, it was held in the documentary film "The Piave whispered".
The event was carefully prepared by the President of the City Library Gremiasco (AL).
Codevilla (Pv) 20/05/16 at Codevilla library was held with great success the screening of the documentary short "The Piave whispered"; It was also attended by the President of Cinefororumclub Casteggio, also the Mayor.
Salice Terme (PV) 27/05/16 at the Primary School in Salice Terme was held with great success the screening of the movie "The flame does not go out" to the presence of several teachers, the local Marshal of the Carabinieri and a large audience of students and parents.
Canneto Pavese (PV) 05/06/16 at the Auditorium of the City Hall is the screening of the documentary short "was held The Piave whispered" the welcome presence of the Mayor, the city and other local authorities employees.

Continues with great success, projection and multimedia presentation of the historical movie "100 Years Shadow of the flag 'and' opera" The Piave whispered "that are requested and presented on several occasions and cultural events, in several municipalities, in educational circles and istututi inclusive of the lower and upper cycle of Lombardy and Piedmont, in particular in the provinces of Pavia and Alessandria, in the Oltrepò Pavese area, and in Tortona. Both documentary films have won many rewards by ministerial authorities.

The author is present in the most prestigious international catalogues:
"Comanducci" (Milan) ; "the square" (Milan) ; "Art top" (Osimo) ; "the elite" (Varese)
"image and structure" ed. of art Mondadori (Milan)
" Mario of Arco " ed. XI with corso Nazionale Mario Dell' dedicated Arco to Giuseppe play beautiful (Rome).
"happen"; "newspaper of Voghera" ; " the day "; "Monferrato"; "the new newspaper of Piacenza" ; "artistic Italy"; "the Sunday of Corriere"; "the people gazette"; "the night"; "the province of Pavia" ; "print you"; "freedom of Piacenza" ; Expel Pavia "; "expel Voghera"; and " Telemontepenice ".
Works preserved in museums
Historical museum of Voghera "Giuseppe Beccari": the portrait of the Red Cross nurse septum Manuela Carraro wife of Gen. Carlo Alberto from the church, executed on concession of the mother in the 1989;
Psych you up of the cavalry Savoy to Isbucenskij (Russia);
El to Amein.
About author
Is available on dvd the version completes of "100 years in the shadow of the tricolour one" born in 2010 of the fusion of the single versions of "in the shadow of the tricolour one" and "from the Victorian to the Republic", "The flame that will not die", "The Piave whispered".
on cd the version equipped with "the multimedia catalogue with all the audio-visive works".
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