Biography of Amigold

Anne Marie Göldi / alias AmiGold
Born in 1945 in Switzerland,
where she lives still today as a pedagogic artist and works.
The artist has spent a long time in Rome and has argued in this way near in the events with the art of the past and the present.
There in Rome Anne Marie Göldi began with the work on oil on canvas, although she had already started to sign from early in, and had finished there in the town of the art also immediately two successful exhibitions.
Later she further formed by numerous study travelling in different countries and participation in the topical art events.
Then after the return in Switzerland the things have so submitted that Anne Marie Göldi who is also called "Amigold" could begin a so-called fresh start as a free lance artist.
Anne Marie Göldi says about her art:
"Whether I paint now people, animals, flowers, sceneries or still life what interests me, besides,
is not the exact representation of the respective subject, but rather the intrinsic value, the typical being or what one in popular usage  as the soul of the things understands to grasp and to express.
But the human being has always remained to me favorite, the person every age, any skin color or culture, in every social connection, particularly in the offside of the society standing individuals."
Numerous exhibitions and exhibition participation at home and abroad.
You can find her paintings in private and official collections.


Group Display Rome / Italy january
Group Display Rome / Italy february
Exhibition Cugnasco/Switzerland march-june
Exhibition Watercolors Cugnasco/Switzerland march-june
Group Display Rome / Italy april
Group Display Rome /Italy June
Group Display Ludwigshafen / Germany june
Group Display Cugnasco/Switzerland july-nov
Exhibition Cugnasco/Switzerland july-oct
Group Display Ludwigshafen /Germany September-jan 2012
Gordola/TI Switzerland Permanentexhibition
Galerie DeBoga Aesch/LU
Group Display Arbedo/TI Switzerland
ProSenektute Locarno/TI Switzerland
Raiffeisenbank Cugnasco/TI Switzerland
Laupen / Switzerland
Permanenexhibition Cugnasco / Tessin - Switzerland
Bank Raiffeisen - changing themes each 3-4 month
Group Display. Gordola/TI Switzerland
Münsingen / Switzerland
Group Display Galerie 4-8 Bern / Switzerland
Group Display in Rheda-Wiedenbrück Germany
Group Display in Thun / Switzerland
Köniz bei Bern / Switzerland
Group Display in Rheda-Wiedenbrück / DE
Gwatt bei Thun / Switzerland

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