Pergolesi Ilaria

Pergolesi Ilaria

Biography of Ilaria Pergolesi

Ilaria Pergolesi was born in Civitavecchia on November 10, 1980.
He currently lives and works in Civitavecchia, Rome.
Distinguishes itself from other painters, for his stylistic unique, beautiful and unique because it combines all the knowledge of art and overcomes it, adding the energy of form, color vibrancy and richness of the surrounding environment. The refraction of light, the accumulation of volume, the dynamics of movement, spontaneous relief, matter, perspective, join invention graffiti, securities and runic signs, fish with pink, shocking pink and red tomatoes lemons psychedelic . The titian red flows into Pompeian red, heated to the symphony, in a language of fire, light and iridescence in a blaze of lapilli in lava, glow of his volatile, charming, ever-changing kaleidoscope of color. His art is sublime, made of lapis lazuli, diamonds, topaz, emeralds, all female, suffused with grace and poetry, with the gift of infinity, the value of the absolute and the spark of immortality in the images of dream, thick media.
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Mostra personale di Ilaria Pergolesi a Barcellona

L'Artista Ilaria Pergolesi, che in passato ha organizzato insieme ad Artists in the World diverse rassegne artistiche, torna a grande richiesta a Barcellona in veste di artista.
Sabato 2 aprile,2016 si inaugura la mostra personale di Ilaria Pergolesi nel bellissimo spazio della galleria Punt Creatiu di Barcellona in Plaça d'Osca,1 nel quartiere Barrio de Sants centralissimo!
Saranno in mostra i suoi ritratti "stile Pergolesi" che caratterizzano la sua Arte moderna, originale e particolarissima. Non mancate, la apertura è alle ore 19.

Exibithion of Angelo Ribezzi Ilaria Pergolesi Sabina Ficara

Fino all'ultimo sguardo
exibithion of

Gallery Spaziottagoni Trastevere
Via Goffredo Mameli, 9, 00153 Rome
23 to 30 September 2011
from 17:30 to 19:30 Free entry
Vernissage September 23 18 hours


Exibithion of Ilaria Pergolesi at LETTERE E CAFFE'

15 ARTWORKS of Ilaria Pergolesi
From June 30 to July 14, 2010
Vernissage INAUGURAL
June 30, 2010 AT 19:00 to 19:30
Via San Francesco a Ripa 100/101 - 00153 Trastevere - Rome
impromptu performance artist who will paint live