Bettozzi Wanda

Bettozzi Wanda

Biography of Wanda Bettozzi

Wanda Bettozzi born in Rome, lives and works in Rome.
Graduated from Art School and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Via Ripetta at painting course of great artist Prof. Enzo Brunori .
She studied the engraving at Ornamental Arts (School of St. James) under the guidance of Prof. Adriana Gai.
He lives and works in Rome, she works about painting and engraving.
She graduated also at the Academy of High Fashion "Koephia" in Via Vittoria Colonna, she working as a designer for several years in the fashion industry.
Qualified teacher, she began working as a teacher of arts subjects in various public institutions, middle and high school.
During the same period,  he attended the Academy of the Nude for two years following the course of Prof. Avanessian and attending at the same time, the Faculty of Arts with specialization in history of art for about three years.
During her artistic activity he became familiar with some prominent figures of contemporary art: Brunori, Argan, Gatt, Rossoni, Achilles Strazza, Vespignani, De Chirico, crimson, Innocenti, Gentilini, Berto, Corteggiani, Guttridge, Galante, Trotti, Gai, Frasca, Doggett, Rossetti, Virduzzo, etc. Ascanio. In the field of Fashion History and Costume: Irene Brin Anna Salvatore, Piero Tosi, Danilo Donati etc ....
She makes a lot of exhibitions since 1964, both in solo exhibitions and group exibitions, obtaining numerous public and critical acclaim,



1969 Rome Art study L’Etrusco Vicolo del 5
1970 Rome Art study Gallery L’Etrusco. group exhibition
1971 Rome Gallery L’Etrusco. solo Exhibition
1972 Rome Gallery L’Etrusco. solo Exhibition of painting
!973 Rome Gallery of via Brunetti
1974 Rome Gallery S.Giacomo exhibition d’incisione
1975 Rome Gallery of S.giacomo group exhibition.
1976 Rome Gallery of S.Giacomo . solo Exhibition
1982 Rome Academy of Belle Arti. exhibition of painting.
1984 Rome Academy of Belle Arti. exhibition of painting.
!985 Rome Academy of S.Luca. exhibition d’incisione
1988 Rome Gallery Minotauro. solo Exhibition
1989 Rome Academy of Grecia. solo Exhibition
1989 Rome Gallery Via del Fiume. group exhibition
1989 Rome Gallery Spazio Visivo. Via Brunetti
1990 Rome Gallery Spazio Visivo. exhibition solo Exhibition of painting e incisione
1991 Rome Gallery Luis Via Brunetti
1992 Rome Gallery Forum Interart. Picasso e le donne.
1992 Rome Gallery Forum interart. Carnevale .
1992 Rome Gallery Sterling Europea
1993 Rome exhibition Città Nova. Villaggio Globale
1993 Rome exhibition solo Exhibition, Premio Ripetta per l’incisione . Spazio Visivo.
1993 Rome Auditorium S. Leone Magno. solo Exhibition
1994 Rome Gallery Logogramma. solo Exhibition
1994 Rome Biennale of Artisti Contemporanei
1995 Rome Rassegna Re of Rome Piazza Cairoli
1996 Rome solo Exhibition al Foyer Teatro Rossini
1997 Cianciano Terme S.Elena
1996 Rome Rassegna Re of Rome Piazza Esedra
1997 Rome Gallery S. Bernerdo group exhibition
1997 Rome Rassegna Re of Rome Piazza Esedra
1997 Rome Gallery Via Nazionale Ass. Cerda
1998 Chianciano Terme S. Elena
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