Avanzi Paolo

Avanzi Paolo

Biography of Paolo Avanzi

Paolo Avanzi is an Italian artist operating in Milan.
He landed in the visual arts, after experiences in several areas (such as psychology, music, creative writing, organization, computer graphics) which enabled himself to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach.
His production is influenced by Italian Futurism as well as by Pop Art.
This approach determines a distortion of traditional perspective that influences not only the colors but also the forms and dimensions of the object. According to the peculiar artist style, the figures (that he creates) appear distorted and fragmented as seen through a glass.
Paolo Avanzi participated in several solo and collective exhibitions and art fairs both in Italy and abroad.
He produced more than 800 artworks since 2003 till today. More than 100 artworks had been auctioned.
For further info you may see artist website: www.paoloavanzi.com including full catalogue of his artistic production.
He is active also as writer (of novels, tales, poetries), actor and cultural promoter.
For an overall vision on his activities, you may visit his website: www.avanzidicultura.com

Solo exhibitions (selection)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria Accorsi Arte of Turin  (2022)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria du lac of Argegno (CO)  (2021)
- Solo exhibition by Biblioteca of Bresso (Milano) (2020)
- Solo exhibition by Country House Gallery of Rosolina (2019)
- Solo exhibition by Spazio Intelvi 11 ofDizzasco (Como) (2019
- Solo exhibition by Centro Culturale Click Art of Cormano (2018)
- Solo exhibition by Biblioteca Il Pertini of Cinisello Balsamo (MI) (2016)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria ArteCapital of Brescia ( 2015)
- Solo exhibition by Weart Gallery  of Uboldo(2014)
- Solo exhibition by Spazio Intelvi 11 of Dizzasco (2014)
- Solo exhibition by sala comunale of Comune di Argegno (2013)
- Solo exhibition by Spazio cultura - ex-Ghiacciaia ofComune of Bresso ( 2012)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria Emmediarte of S. Stefano Belbo (2012)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria Emmediarte of Milano (12011)
- Solo exhibition by Centro civico "Sandro Pertini" of Bresso (2011)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria Centro Arte Moderna of Pisa (2011)
- Solo exhibition by Galleria Comunale "L'Acchiatura" of Grottaglie (TA) (2011)
- Solo exhibition by Pinacoteca Comunale "S.Cavallo" of S. Michele Salentino (BR) (2011)
- Solo exhibition by Museo U. Mastroianni of Marino (2010)

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