Székely Aranka

Székely Aranka

Biography of Aranka Székely

Dr. Aranka Székely was born in 1966 in Transylvania,  Romania. Having graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy,  she relocated to Hungary. Aranka is a doctor by profession and an artist by her passion and creative mind. She currently runs her private medical practice in Alsózsolca and Miskolc,  Hungary.
Aranka had a very inquisitive,  imaginative mind as a child. She experimented with a number of creative craft techniques and after trying her hand in many creative pursuits,  she came across an online tutorial teaching painting,  which kindled her interest in fine arts. Ever since painting has become her life giving her joy,  but the most important thing for her remains the passion for art,  which gives her enormous satisfaction and helps her to cope with daily stress. Looking at her works,  it is clear Aranka's intention to vent her creativity,  her colours and her emotions on the canvases and dedicate to us observers,  the most joyful side of her and of her life,  which thanks to the brushstrokes purifies and cheers the soul. She is able to infuse scenes of nature and foliage making them come alive like a lyrical poem.
Aranka has participated to a lot of solo and group international exhibitions and has been awarded many times with international prizes. Her masterpieces are displayed in many art magazines and yearbooks.

Budapest(2020, 2021), Zagreb(2018), Miskolc(2018, 2020, 2021, 2022), Alsózsolca(2019, 2022), Rome(2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023), Caldogno(2020), Florence(2020, 2021, 2022), Zürich(2020, 2021), Milano(2021, 2022), Barcelona(2021), Palermo(2021, 2022),  Varazze(2021, 2022),  New York(2021, 2022, 2023), Diamante(2021), Venice(2020, 2021, 2022), Basel(2021, 2022), Fuerteventura(2021, 2022), Lisboa(2022, 2023), Cesenatico(2022), Santa Maria del Cedro(2022), San Diego(2022), Paris(2022), Forli(2023), Savona(2023), Varazze(2023)

"Art Selection Museum" (2019, Italy)
International Prize "Giotto",  2019(Italy)
International Prize "Leonardo da Vinci",  2020(Italy)
50 Artists to invest in,  (2020,  2021,  Italy)
Fiestalonia,  III.Prize (Spain,  2020)
Fiestalonia I Prize (Spain, 2021)
International Prize "Artist of the year 2020" (Italy)
International Prize "Raffaello § Canova" (2021, Italy)
International Prize " David –Michelangelo" (Italy, 2021)
International Prize "The best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021" (Italy)
International Prize " Dante Alighieri" (2021, Italy)
International Prize "Ambassador of Art 2021" (Italy)
International Prize "50 Artists to invest in 2021" (Italy)
International Prize "Art Palermo International Biennal" (2021, Italy)
International "Art Olympic Prize" (2021, Italy)
Premio Dante Alighieri,  (Roma,  2021)
International Prize "Leonardo da Vinci",  (2022, Italy)
International Prize Paris,  (2022, Italy)
International Prize "Leonardo da Vinci"(2023,  Italy)
International Prize"Donatello" (2023, Italy)
International Prize "50 Artists to invest in" (2023,  Italy)

Art Book 2019 and 2020- edited by Artfreaksglobal (India and Canada),
many Art International Contemporary Magazine (Italy,  2019-2023),  "Artisti" (2020 , 2021,  2022 , 2023 Italy),  
Art Universal,  the great encyclopedia of international art,  2020 and 2021 ( Italy),  
"50 Artists to invest in" 2020,  2021, 2023 (Italy)
I Segnalati 2020,  2021, 2022 (Italy),
The best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021 (Italy)
Artists of Today and Tomorrow 2 (2021,  Italy)
Enciclopedia dei contemporanei dell’Arte,  (2022,  Italy)
Bruxelles Art Vue,  Power of color (2021,  Bruxelles)
Bruxelles Art Vue,  Street Life (2022,  Bruxelles)
Bruxelles Art Vue,  Body is art (2022,  Bruxelles)
Bruxelles ART Vue,  Limitless Nature (2022,  Bruxelles)
Protagonisti del Tempo D’Arte (2022,  Italy)
Protagonisti del Tempo D’Arte,  vol II (2023, Italy)


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