Biography of Danilo Susi

1949. gastroenterologist doctor, is president of the AMFI, association of Italian photographers.
He began to photograph in the 70s as self-taught. His research on color, already in the analogical era, is based on the abstraction of the image from a visually concrete reality.
In 2003, the international year of water, his photographic expression has a "turning point" and an innovation, thanks to the new digital technique; begins a search for color in the reflections of water, according to the impressionism of Claude Monet, and produces a series of strongly pictorial images without resorting to post-production changes, the ACQUASTRATTA project was born, which in 2008 also became a business brand and creates an artistic collection of silk shawls and scarves, Nature that dresses.
The images range from the purity of the white suminagashi, the Japanese art of floating inks, to the nocturnal blacks of a fresh water, to the more intense colors of the red green blue to the pollution of the sea, of which the OIL series proposes itself as a journey inside the form / color; they are selected for the Triennial of Rome, the MIA Code of Milan, Off Site Art of L'Aquila, the Biennial of Photography of Trezzo and become part of the collections of the Galleria Civica "G. Sciortino "di Monreale (Pa), the Glass Museum of Abano-Montegrotto Terme, the Malerba Foundation for Photography FMF, the Alidem-the art of photography in Milan, the Gran Sasso Science Institute GSSI de L'Aquila, the Cavallini-Sgarbi Collection
In September 2011 together with the painter Albano Paolinelli of Pescara he joined the artistic group REALISMO ASTRATTO, led by art critic Valerio Dehò: a search for abstraction starting from reality, a combination of photography and painting inserted among the latest trends in the catalog of art "The Italian way to the informal" edited by Virgilio Patarini, by Editoriale G.Mondadori.
Afterwards the images "come alive" and the water "materializes" and the new series are born: ANIMALIA, water remains the habitat in which the animals live and reflect; FLEUR, floating flowers and petals; SIGNS, trails of water, snow striped by the shadow of the trees, traces of wet sand; HUMAN BODY, aquatic fluidity of the limbs; MASKS, water games in which the "mirror" effect of the image allows the creation of masks inspired by the ancient Greek theater; COMPOSITIONS, in which the two-color becomes a fantasy border.
In 2017 the Master Giuliana Traverso proposes him to exhibit at the Mu.MA, Museo del Mare, of Genoa and is awarded at the II Biennial of Genoa; organizes the collective AMFI members at the Giubbe Rosse di Firenze; wins the "Firenze Award" 2017- XXXV edition; is included in the publication VERITA 'E MENZOGNA, curated by Arpinè Sevagian for the CAC editions and reported as critical essay of historical and cultural interest.
In 2018 he took part in the Arte Fiera di Genova with the Galleria Satura; three of his projects ACQUASTRATTA, L'ACQUA DEL LAGO AND HIS METAMORFOSI, THE HUMAN BODY enter the FMF, Fondo Malerba for Photography; is the only photographer to be included in the volume L'ARTE NELLA MODA: a long passion, edited by Giorgio Falossi, Il Quadrato Publishing House; is signaled by Daniele RADINI TEDESCHI for the ATLANTE DELL'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA DE AGOSTINI; is selected by Tiziana Leopizzi, manager of Ellequadro Documents International Contemporary Art Archive of Genoa, to participate in the Florence and Malta editions of ARTOUR-O the MUST.
Referring galleries: Satura, Genoa; Gallerati, La Vaccarella, Fragments of Art, Rome; E20 and new-HUB, Pescara; Magazzini Arte Contemporanea, Trapani.
He was recruited as an artist in CAM, ed. Mondadori, n.47 / 2011, n. 50/2014, n.51 / 2015, n. 52/2016 in the photographic section in ARTISTI ’19 ed. Art Now-Mondadori Store and in Numero 0 di Arpinè Sevagian, 2019. He is the author of 13 books and photo catalogs.