Descombes Yolande

Descombes Yolande

Biography of Yolande Descombes

Born in Switzerland (Geneva), she has lived in Italy for many years. Philological studies.
Lecturer in French language and literature.
She started painting at a very young age and is self-taught. Uses various techniques, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, industrial paintings, resins, sand, and mettalic elements.
She has also been doing sculpture and ceramics for a number of years.
She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy, in Europe, the United States and Brazil.
She sees herself as a visionary: her themes unite the visible world with the imaginary world.

Isabella Moroni, “Il Popolo”, presentation of the solo exhibition, Rome Collegio Nazareno, 1990.
... The real trademark of this Geneva artist remains colour.  She does magic tricks, experiments and alchemies with color and is able to interpret this language as though she was its undisputed mistress

Ivana Tanga, “Il Popolo” , presentation of the exhibition “Suoni Cromatici” Art Gallery Il Saggiatore, Rome, 1991.
... In her paintings, nature is transfused into a "natural" and universal ideal. Seen by the eye of the mind, filtered by the fantasy, emotions, and sensations of the artist.

Nicoletta Fattorosi Barnaba, presentation of the solo exhibition “Visionnaire”, Rome, 2007.
... The basis of her inspirations is a careful study of the world around she passes from microcosm to macrocosm ... She has trained her eye to look carefully at what surrounds her ... her works are a mixture of instinct and preparation.

Claudia Sensi, presentation of the exhibition "Arte è Donna", Terni, 2016.
... A style of painting in which the themes seem to be based on a expressionist review of nature. Her pictures are marked by extreme liberty in a technical and formal sense, where reality is merely a pretext for representing an existential dimension ...

Stefania Severi, presentation of the exhibition"Fuoco Terra Acqua Aria". Art Gallery Il Saggiatore, Rome, 2003.
Her sculptures are all centered around the human mass ... their focal point of interest is man seen overall items and therefore also in his indifference. Sculptures of great suggestiveness which harmonically balance plastic qualities with pictorial qualities.

Italo Evangelisti, presentation of the exhibition "Stelle di Natale", Art Gallery Il Saggiatore, Rome, 2007
She does groups of sculptures of great plastic and dynamic intensity. The figures are plastered with love and suffering which escape the spherical prison of their mass.

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