Biography of Sergio Panero

“Photographer with a passion, a passion for photography”  this the phrase that better defines me.
I started taking photos with little or rather poor results at the age of 7. With time, I tried to gradually improve the technique, always self-taught.
A lover of past-times things, I like portraits of classic cars (I own 2), as well as landscapes, flowers and all that pleases my eye and becomes a good chance for a shot.
Whilst having worked for 16 years as a qualified accountant, I express my creativeness through the camera.
I have been dedicating myself to immortalize Women’s Body since 2005.
I have made photo shoots with professional and semi-professional models. I have provided shots for the production of 5 published calendars.
I have not displayed my art-work in major expositions, however there are some permanent small displays in 2 cafes in Alba.
Sergio Panero