Biography of Rossano Dallari

Born in Scandiano (RE), on 17 April 1980, graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors of Castelnovoné Monti (RE).
He gained experience in the commercial and sporting fields, obtaining 4 professional qualifications as a PTR tennis instructor and FIT national federal instructors.
Always passionate about art and nature.
His activity as an artist photographer began in 2019 where he began self-taught taking photos with the Olympus E-3 camera given to him by his fellow artist Malavasi Ivano "Marco".
This strong passion for photography pushes him to dedicate himself one hundred percent to technical and graphic study as digital art.
He loves photographing everything that nature creates as a source of art.
He takes inspiration from his place of residence Toano, a municipality in the Reggio Emilia Apennines, to photograph trees first and foremost, landscapes, abstracts, fauna and flora.
Lover of the sea and Sardinia, he began to dedicate himself to photographs of typical Sardinian waves and rocks, drawings and sculptures created by the force of nature (Sea and Wind).
In 2020 he created a photographic exhibition of 14 prints on Forex 80x60cm "The Reggio Emilia Apennines seen with my eyes. Photos taken in my childhood places in Toano, Villa Minozzo and Castelnovoné Monti.
2021 begins with participation in a selection for a photography competition organized by the Emilia Romagna Region, the landscape that heals, his photos were selected for the strong message of photo therapy through what nature is able to offer us.
Photos present in the cultural heritage catalog of the Emilia Romagna region edited by Fabio Falleni, Rosella Ghedini and Carlo Tovoli.
In September 2022 he participated in the excellent photographic exhibition "Milano Photofestival" with two photographic works printed on Fine Art paper and adapted onto a forex light panel.
One of the two works entitled "Ninfea" receives various appreciations for its strong sensitivity towards respect for nature.
The following year, in September 2023, he participated in a collective exhibition of Contemporary Art "Sanremo - Prima Biennale Arte Expo" held at the Ariston Theatre.
He participates with the creation of two photographic works printed in window stickers on plexiglass measuring 100x70cm and 100x80cm.
One of the two works is present in the general catalog of Sanremo Arte Expo and in the magazine Art Now, an art periodical directed by Sandro Serradifalco.
Always passionate about art, he adores contemporary abstract art, from which he takes inspiration to design a series of abstracts in collaboration with the painter Ivano Malavasi aka "Marco", his life partner.
The works are a series of 4-handed canvases "Metamorphosis", photography and painting compared.