Biography of Riky Van Deursen

Riky van Deursen (born in 1962), based in Amsterdam, embarks on an artistic journey where emotions and the exploration of techniques and colors take center stage. As a self-taught artist, Riky's colorful abstract works beautifully reflect her profound love for nature, flowers, and trees, showcasing their captivating array of colors.
Immersed in nature during daily walks, Riky keenly observes trees, flowers, shapes, and colors.
Translating these captivating images and the emotions they evoke, she creates her own unique artistic expressions on canvas.
Her abstract paintings breathe life into nature's essence, embodying abundance, joy, happiness, blessings, and gratitude.
Beyond her passion for painting, Riky has developed a keen eye for photography, honing her ability to observe and appreciate the world around her during these walks.