Biography of Paolo Benedetti

Architect and Painter of Valmontone (province of Rome) 1957.
After about thirty years of artistic pause, he returns strongly to the art scene with deliberately classic works to evolve into an innovative, gestural, instinctive ORIGINAL and UNIQUE technique.
A scratchy but captivating technique for precisely "Contemporary Grafismi" where vibrating brushstrokes create NEW VISUAL SUGGESTIONS.
Immediately alongside "Impronte Contemporanee" conceptually identical to the previous one but different in the graphic vision.
In short, a contemporary figurative FRESH and VIBRATING able to give movement to anything placed on a support that by its nature is still: the canvas.
He won Painting Competitions, obtained important prizes and awards, is present on many yearbooks and catalogs of art including the C.A.M. Catalog of the Modern Art Ed. Mondadori No. 46 of 2010 and No. 48 of 2012/13 on pages 146-147 with related prices as well as SC (critical report) by the Commission.
Some of his paintings are on sale and some already sold both at Telemarket and ArtetivuLab (ORLER).
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