Biography of Farah khalilbiek

1975-1980 attended the masters of painting in Iran (Hannibal-alkhas).
1992-1993 graduates of artistic design from University of Tehran (Iran).
2001-2005 graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Rome.
2003 certificate of recognition of honorary members the art of painters from 100 to Tivoli for Artistic Activities and dissemination of Art in Rome.
1984 - working at a factory producing toys and color preparation.
1995-1999 Teacher of drawing and painting in an private institute in Rome.
2003-2004 Teacher of drawing and painting in a private institute in Rome.
1998 collaboration and exhibitions in jail in Tehran (Iran).
1993-1998 shows final diploma in art universities in Tehran (Iran).
2001-2010 Artist in Rome's historic center (portrait, watercolor).
2002-2003 with 100 painters on via Tiburtina Route 20 Art.
2003 shows the school martin luterking Rome.
2003-2004 collaboration with the Art Association and the Italian house in Rome ast Baboon.
2010 - group exhibition (parallel paths) in the gallery 'Il Trittico'.