Biography of Britta Ortiz

Britta Ortiz is a Danish artist who has been performing artist since youth. Despite this, she has only begun
to show her art to the outside world for approx. ten years ago. To express herself artistically is as important
to her as breathing. Through art, she can express all the feelings and thoughts she makes about the world
that surrounds her.
At the same time, she also works and plays with the experiences and impressions that life has given and still
gives her. She relates to life in an existential way - life must be lived between the positive and negative
poles - between birth and death, grief and joy, etc.
She cares about the things that are happening in the world and wonders why people can treat each other
so badly. Why can't people just consider each other as human beings - regardless of skin and hair color,
religion and ethnicity? Why does man always have to start new wars? When does man begin to realize that
animals have as much right to exist on this earth as man?
Through her art, she also wants to show her love for life and the nature that surrounds her.
Through her art she tries to express all these things - no matter what art she deals with.