Biography of Britta Ortiz

To make art is just as important to me as it is to breathe. I have been drawing and painting for my whole life, and I have got and still get education in it by different professional artists.
It is only for the last ten years that I have showed my art for the public.
I am a curious person and I like to discover different kind of art. My big passion these years are painting and making different kind of graphics.
I like to paint with oil color because I like the texture and the way the oil color force you to communicate with the painting.
Through my paintings, I want to express my feelings and tell the story about my opinion of the things that happens in the world and in the life we live as human beings.
You will also experience that my life in the countryside and love to the nature and my experiences as a doctor play a big role in my artwork.
Sometimes I express myself in a very realistic way, other times in a more surrealistic way.
The graphic technics I use most these years are lino- and woodcut. It is always exciting to make that kind of art because you shall think different.
You shall think inverted and you shall cut away all the material that shall not be shown in the final artwork. It is first when you print your artwork on paper that the result will show you if it is as you have imagined in your mind.
I do also like the graphics because it is so ultimate. You cannot undo the cuts you have made.
That means that you have to know how you will make the cuts before you make them.
Besides graphics and paintings, I do also work with clay, encaustic and different kinds of drawings.
You can see my artwork on and follow me at Instagram under the name brittaortiz and on Facebook under the name Art Ortiz.