Biography of Amanda Nebiolo

Amanda Nebiolo was born in Turin in 1973.
Admitted to the Academy of Art in Turin (Italy).  Member of the Italian Artists Federation.
After studying Medicine, She graduated in Communication Studies at the University of Lugano (Switzerland),  where She also took a Master’s degree in Mass Media.
She is a writer, a journalist, and - as professional sommelier - She’s a member of the A.I.S. (Italian Sommelier Association) and Director of Italian Wine Magazine.
Artistically, She expresses herself not only through painting but also as the author of poetry (she has won literary prizes and had her work published in anthologies).
Her first novel, "Il recinto", was published by TraccEdiverse in 2005 and the second one, “Pensieri di una donna qualunque”, was published by Arkesis Sas in 2009.
Among her works are the short films “Talking about Freedom” and “New York. Hopes and scars” (Film Festival of Turin, 2003 and 2008). She has also acted in films and fictions, including “Yellow”, directed by Dario Argento.
Amanda Nebiolo's artistic style uses different techniques for all types of subject – from producing charcoal drawings with chalk and ochre on brown parcel paper to oil painting with metal leaf and spices on canvas. Her paintings portray almost exclusively people: soft, sensual women with intense faces and eyes; elegant men with undefined facial features (dandies inspired by her favourite writer, Oscar Wilde), but also the homeless (examples of human suffering and a catgegory which the artist, a supporter of Amnesty International, cares deeply about).
Her first collective exhibition, in Spain, received favourable critical acclaim. In 2007, the artist showed her drawings and oils in Turin in her first one-woman exhibition.

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Next exhibition (16/08/2010): “Festival of Sperimental Art” in the Manege of St. Petersburg, organized by SaturArte Association.
- International Exhibition “Italia Arte 2010” in Villa Gualino, Turin. Catalogo. Curatore: Guido Folco.
- Exhibition of the work “Faceless Dandy” (paintings on brown paper, 2006) in the group exibition “Quadrati Magici" held at the Gallery located in Via Cadorna 28, Rome. Curator: Cristina Madini.
- Exhibition of Contemporary Art, "Woman in Art" organized by “Art in Italy” in Sala Giorgio de Chirico in Brindisi. Curator: Roberto Chiavarini.
- XV National Contest organized by the Contemporary Art Saturarte in Palazzo Stella in Genoa.
- "The Bride Show" at the Dubai Expo - at the Italian Excellence stand - Dubai (UAE). Italian Artists Federation.
- Exhibition of Contemporary Art "The Carabinieri, in Art and Society" organized by “Italia in Arte”, Sala Murat, Bari. Catalog. Curator: Roberto Chiavarini.
- Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the Museum of Modern Art in Monreale (PA), in collaboration with the art critic Paolo Levi.
- 23rd International Trophy Award “Medusa Aurea”, organized by the International Academy of Art in Rome. Catalog.
- “Guglielmo II” Award, a project organised by the Department of Culture in the Municipality of Monreale, the Artistic Association “Il Tempio” of Palermo and the Museum of Modern Art “Giuseppe Sciortino”, in conjunction with the patronage of Palermo Province Authority.
- “Arte 2010” Award, organized by Cairo Publishing.
- “Stadt von Berlin – City of Berlin” Award, organized by the Santa Teresa Art Gallery at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin. Curator: Larkina Loreta
- “La Vela d’Oro” (Golden Sail) Award, organized by Artexpò Promotion. Curator: M. Belgiovine
- Solo exhibition at Galleria Alba, Ferrara (Italy), 12/12-18/09 Curator: Roberto Puviani.
- III Edition of the International  "Art Fair", Gallery Alba, Ferrara. Curator: Roberto Puviani.
- Invitation to exhibit in the halls of the Castello Estense in Ferrara, the Italian branch of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg during the exhibition in homage to impressionist painter William Turner (1775-1851).
- Review-artistic "Nudity in Mail Art" organized by Cryptic in Berkeley, California (with the work "Hermaphrodite" 2007). Curator: E. Cryptic.
- Exhibition on permanent display in Shah Alam Gallery, Preservation Hall, 2007, at the 'Festival of Art Malaysia 2009 ".
- Invitation to exhibit the work “Untitled”, 2006, at the Comox Valley Art Gallery and Penticton Art Gallery in Courtenay in Canada.
- Display of the drawing “Triumph of Reason”, 2007, in Gallery 7 of Hutchinson, Kansas. Curator: Jennifer Randall.
- Display of oil-on-canvas “Eros (ethical)”, 2006, at the International Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art "Faces and Stories", Galleria Il Borgo, near the Navigli in Milan. Curator: Sabrina Falzone.
- Congress at the Museum of the Americas in Miami (USA) during the 'International Show of Contemporary Art 2009 ".
- Display of oil-on-canvas “Venice”, 2007, during the collective "Overseas" organized at the Gallery “Rosso Cinabro” in Lido di Ostia (Roma). Curator: Cristina Madini.
- Invitation to exhibit at the Art Exhibition organized by NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University) at A. Leonowens Gallery, Nova Scotia (Canada).
- Private oil painting exhibition in Villa Gualino in 2008 in Turin, at the "International 2009" Contest organized by the Cultural Folco Gallery in collaboration with the monthly "Art Italy”. Catalog. Curator: Guido Folco.
- Display of oil-on-canvas “Tearings”, 2008 at the exhibition "The Color of Sound" at the Castle of Charles V of Lecce. Curator: Nicola Cesari.
- Display of oil-on-canvas "Te indicas" in the exhibition "Voyage dans la couleur" in the historic Villa Magdalena Nice (France). Curator: Sabrina Falzone.
- Work displayed at the thirteenth edition of the Contemporary Exhibition 2009, at the Fiera di Forlì. (Alba Gallery; Roberto Puviani)
- Work displayed at the XIII International Massenzio Arte in Rome.
- Invitation to exhibit at the Art Gallery Colorido, Lisbon (Portugal).
- Invitation to exhibit at the Climate Gallery in Long Island, New York.
- Display of Eros (ethical), 2007, at the Art Museum of Yaroslavl in Russia. Curator: Tatyana Makarova
- Painting “Woman with a Pearl” 2008 on display in permanent exhibition at the Art Gallery Spadarina of Piacenza.
- Invitation to work at the Ward-Nasse Gallery, Prince Street (SoHo, New York).
- Exhibition at the new Art Gallery, near the Cathedral of Lecce. Curator: Nicola Cesari
- "Talents", with the sponsorship of the Campania Region and the Municipality of Salerno.
- Italian Association of Art in The World: "Terza Mostra Mercato d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CART 2008”.
- Italian Association of Art in The World: "Plein Air Art 2008”.
- Lecce, Castle of Charles V, sponsored by Regional Authority Administration of Puglia.
- "Fluidity Contemporanea" exhibition at “Rosso Cinabro” Gallery, Palombara Sabina RM. Curator: Cristina Madini
- Exhibition of oil-on-canvas “Tearings”, at the 2008 exhibition "Divinity in Philosophy and Religion," Taormina Gallery, sponsored by the city of Taormina. Catalog. Curator: Sabrina Falzone.
- III Edition of “Arte Laguna” Award, by Modern Contemporary Art.
- VI Edition of “International OpenArt”, Rome. Catalog. Curator: Gianluca Morabito 
- Exhibition at the Gallery GORA- Contemporary Art & Design - di Montréal QC (Canada).
- Feria de Pamplona, Spain.
- Solo exhibition, "Galleria dei Colori", Turin (Italy).
- "Feria de Arte y Antiguedades de Madrid", Spain.

Literally translated, the Latin expression “Arbiter elegantiae” means “the arbiter of elegance”. Tacitus noted that this title was given to Petronio during Nero’s reign. We can define such a refined man as a perfectionist, a man who enjoys rare pleasure. Arbiter Elegantiae is also the title of a contemporary oil painting by Amanda Nebiolo, which revives the traditional iconographic image of Oscar Wilde with the variation of a walking stick displaying Salvador Dalì’s head. Two highly representative figures of literature and art, of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries respectively, united by both their “dandyism” and their legal troubles  (two years of hard labour for Wilde, charged with sodomy, and 35 days of imprisonment for Dalì in the prison of Girona, for political reasons.).
They were also united by their privileged social class (Salvador Dalì was the son of a notary, Oscar Wilde of an ophthalmologist) and by proven (Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas) or suspected (Dalì and Federico Garcia Lorca) homosexual relations.