Seri Katia

Seri Katia

Biography of Katia Seri

Painter for passion of art.

Education and training: master's degree, graphics course at the European Institute of Design - Rome, painting course at the "Roma creat" art school of the master Oliviero Leonardi.
Employed, now retired, at the National Institute for Foreign Trade, where she also worked as a graphic designer.
Start as self-taught with informal painting, with a pure automatism, free of academic teachings.
She exhibited in her youth at the Rome Quadrennial and later with cultural associations and private galleries (ACLI, ICE, Bramante rooms, Domus Talenti, the Mitreo, Dioscuri theater, Euroma 2, Art Expo of Arezzo, Triptych, Astrolabe, Pentart, The Lion, Saman Collection, Margutta 102, Pontifical University of the Seraphicum, Pulcherrima gallery, Int. Women's House).
She participated in the "Il volo di Pegaso" Award, the Terna 2009,2010,2012,2014 Award, the Caput Mundi Arte Roma Award, the Leonardo Da Vinci International Award - Florence 2019 -, at the Athens International Biennial 2019 .

- Sabina Fattibene, gallery owner: "... the works of Katia Seri are an explosion of colors and shapes. We can define her the painter of sensitivity, for the way she manages to convey her inner experience".

- Mara Ferloni, art critic: "The inner journey of Katia Seri arrives in an expressive language, recovery of echoes that come from afar leaving an incisive trace in her self, a personal therapy of the soul mixed with the need to communicate to others his emotions, her visions .. "

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