Macholdova Tana

Macholdova Tana

Biography of Tana Macholdova

Tana Macholdova is an artist, painter and stage designer. She graduated from the Hollar High School of Art and the Theater Academy of Fine Arts, a field of scenography. She exhibited her paintings both in the Czech Republic and abroad (about 50 exhibitions).
In Prague, she exhibited at the Old Town Hall, Galleries La Femme and Gallery U Prstenu, at the Chodovská tvrz, in the galleries in Kutná Hora, Kolín, abroad in Vienna at Jan Gallery and in other places.
She is the author of artworks of many private and public spaces, such as the Magic Hospital - the interiors of the Children's Burning Department of the Královské Vinohrady University Hospital in Prague, the visual reconstruction of the Bazalka Children's Center for the Disabled Children in České Budějovice and others.
She has published several book publications with art themes in the Portal and Grada publishing houses (Fairy Tales, Artwork with Fairytales and others).
She makes stage designs fot theater and theater performances, such as the film What You Catch in Rye, Long, long ago, the stage designs for the puppet shows Zvoneček and the Art Scene of the Puppets Empire in Prague.
Tania's paintings are a regular part of charity auctions at Žofín in Prague, organized by the Club of Friends of Children's Children's Homes, paintings supported by the Our Child Foundation. They are represented in private collections in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, USA, Spain and the Netherlands.

Something about the paintings.

We like Tana Macholdova. This sentence was written by my husband on a page ready for a professional description of the work. It is a very good sentence for which I am and still will be grateful.
As far as images are concerned, they are an integral part of me. So I divide them into small circuits.
Landscape. Technique watercolor, pastel, combination technology, oil.
Great comfort and a sense of serenity of sitting in the middle of the beautiful landscape that surrounds me. I feel totally united with nature, so the colors on the paper are dancing in front of my eyes and I'm just so light and as if I'm watching it from afar. Landscape painting will always be my inner record of a fragile feeling of harmony with nature and an attempt to capture this moment.
Abstraction. Oil painting, pastel.
I perceive them as instinctive and reasonably uninfluenced impulses that bring joy to me. The way of painting at one of my painting periods would point to a period of impresionism, a certain flickeriness, and a blend of light and colorless vallers without a touch of black. In other my painting periods, techniques are being explored. I am attracted by the spatial conception of the image, the addition of other materials that come into the foreground. Such a small stage design. The period of "leaky images" and their illumination from the back is associated with the feeling of indispensability of light in human life.
The constant desire for some interconnection with the earth is symbolized in the next stage by the use of natural materials in combination with oil painting. The coloring of sand and clay, their layering and combinations are perceived as capturing a certain degree of cleanliness of the earth and human since their birth.
The female body can be seen in my paintings In the next period. The woman is associated with passion, desire, she is the wearer of life. Often a provocateur and a challenger to acts. In short, a creature bringing together both reflection and joy. Well, at least I kind of imagine it


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