REGULATION Selezioni di Arte - Art Catalog of Contemporary Artists

- The Artist, adhering to the initiative, declares that the artworks presented are artworks he has created and that he has every right to publish and / or sell.
- The Artist agrees that the artworks are inserted in a suitable size for the compilation of the pages of the Art catalog.
- The Artist agrees that the texts related to the biography can be modified to adapt them to the layout.
- Layout, page setting and selection of images to be included in the Art catalog are the exclusive responsibility of the Organization.
- The Artist declares that the critical texts, legitimately acquired, can be published and have the authorization to extrapolate parts.
- It is reserved the right not to publish works that may cause offense to anyone's sensibility.
- Republishing, copying or distribution of the catalog without the written consent of the Catalog is prohibited.
- It is reserved the right not to publish the catalog if a sufficient number of advertisers have not been reached. In this case the paid figures will be fully refunded.
- The cost of shipping is not included in the fee of participation.