My World - Iranians Artists Group - locandina

"My World" The exhibition of Iranian artists in Rome
opens on December 11th at 7 pm
at the elegant space of the "Art Gallery Rome" Gallery
in Via di Parione 10 00186 Rome historic center of Rome
a few meters from the Chiostro del Bramante and Piazza Navona.
Curator of the exhibition is Zahra Kamali Aghdam,
director and founder of the Mahomahi gallery,
curator of international exhibitions in 16 different countries and member of the Italian Artists Association,
presents a collection of Artworks of artists from her land, Iran (Persia),
these are varied figurative art, painting, photography, calligraphy,
in order to export beauty and Iranian art to Italy, to Rome, the cradle of art par excellence.
"Art is, in its wide range of human activities, from the creation of a visual art to the auditory or executive art, demonstrating the skills of an imaginative or technical artist; and is admired for its beauty or emotional power. In the most general form, these activities include the creation and production of works of art, art criticism, the study of art history and the spread of the aesthetic arts.
Art represents the true delicacy of our feelings.
God gave each creature a white panel at the beginning of his life. When he gives us the brush and color he whispers to us the word "the goal", and frees us to be the artist of our lives.
So that we could express our inner and outer world, so that we could live a life beyond the ordinary by reaching the degree of Sufism and love for the pure divine; sharing with all loved ones, who have intelligent sensitivity, this feeling giving them a new lifeblood."
Zahra Kamali Aghdam

Art Gallery Rome
Via di Parione 10 00186 Rome
opening time
11 December vernissage 7 pm
12 December from 4pm to 8.30pm
December 13th from 4pm to 8.30pm
December 14 from 10 am to 9 pm

Iranian artists :

1.Shayan Arta(Qaraati)
2. Fatemeh Izadi
3. Nafiseh Kalaei
4. Farideh Rajabian
5. Zohre Shafiei
6. Zahra Shafiei
7. Sara Ebrahimi
8. Nafiseh Jalalvand
9. Maryam Rashidi fath abadi
10. Maryam AsleRahimi razligh
11. Sara Alaei
12. Seyed Mahmoud Seyedi damirchi
13. Maryam Irani shoar
14. Nasim Niazmand monfared
15. Zarrin taj Farhadinezhad nourabadi     
16. Azadeh Marjan
17. Manizheh sadat Salehian
18. Omid Anvari
19. Atena Bahrami momeni
20. Halleh Taji
21. Golnar Ghasimi            
22. Yalda Gashtasebi pour
23. Farhad Etemadi
24. Nazanin Azimi fereidani
25. Mina Ostad akbari
26.Zahra Bahadorkhan
27. Amir hosein Agha khan babayi
28. Maryam Nabitaemeh
29.Zahra Kamaliaghdam
30.Ghazale Firozzare
31.Haniyeh Rooygar
32.Mahtab MomeniAzandariani
33.maedeh Hajimokhtari
34.Masoumeh rezazadeh
35.Shokoufeh Yaghoubinia(Ayna)
36.Azar Bagheri
37.Hanieh Naghavi
38.Tahereh Akhoondi
39,Setayesh Azadi dana
40.Faramarz Mobinikesheh
41.Somayeh Alimadadi
42.Hamid Mohammadi
43.Vesal Honarjo
44.Majid Edareh Heidarabadi
45.Abolghasem Kianpour