Arte per la Vita alla Bocca della Verita'

The Association of Spaziottagoni Mameli 7
in collaboration with
Artists in the World
organized "Art for Life" a major exhibition by way of charity
to build a hospital in southern Lebanon, an area torn by war where there is a severe lack of health care, the presence of a health post could save many lives. The hospital welcomes everyone without distinction of race, religion or sex ....

The exhibition space is a symbol of Rome,
the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, which contains
porch in his mouth the truth, attracts thousands visitors a day.

All proceeds will be paid in full
Associazione Culturale Mameli 7 of Spaziottagoni
the congregation greek-Melkite Catholic Church in Lebanon
will host the hospital, Director of Father Abdo Raad

health center location

The event is to raise awareness and involve the public in the construction
of a health outpatient facilities, intended to improve the conditions
of life and health of the population of the Chouf mountain area in south Lebanon
including the training of local medical and paramedical staff, to ensure the right to health
 children and more 'in general of all the inhabitants of rural villages and mountain
the area of the Chouf mountain area, heavily affected by war,
promoting access to and use of direct care provided by health center.

The exhibition "Art for Life" will be staged
21 to 23 January 2011
at the women's gallery of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin (mouth of truth), see entrance of the exhibition: