Artexpo Summer Rome 2020

Artexpo Summer Rome 2020

Artexpo Summer Rome 2020 - poster

Artists for Artexpo Summer Rome 2020

Solo exhibition on maxi screen
Danielle Andrezza
Maria Gattu
Maria Caterina Mariano "Mari'"
Paola Papa "Pazze idee...idee pazze di Paola"
Piera Pazzaglia
Loris Maria Pediconi

Mini solo exhibition
Rosanna De Felice
Ilaria Pergolesi
Angelo Ribezzi
Aranka Székely

Group exhibition

Valentina Anopova
Greta Broglio
Bruno Greco
Maria Petito
Nando Ragni
Giulia Soave
Rosa Trindade "Ria"

Artexpo Summer Rome 2020

International art exhibition in Rome (Italy) from 12 September to 24 September 2020 and vernissage Saturday 12 September at 6 p.m., at the elegant location of Art Gallery Rome
Via di Parione 10 00186 Rome situated in the most beautiful areas in Rome in Rome's historic center near Chiostro del Bramante and Piazza Navona.

It is possible to attend the event with one artwork in the group exhibition, or at mini solo exhibition with 4 artworks at a very discounted price or with a solo exhibition in a big screen projection without shipment.
deadline: August 23
Discounts available for participation fee:
For confirmations by July 24 discount of 30%
For confirmations between July 25 and July 31 discount of 20%
For confirmations between August 1 and August 10 discount of 10%

Additional 10% discount for the artists registered as members of the Artists in the World Events portal at this link:
Event organization Artists in the World Events