Gagnan Marie-Noëlle

Gagnan Marie-Noëlle

Biografia di Marie-Noëlle Gagnan

Existential questions and questions about our emotions never cease to build up, each one giving rise to the next, none ever receiving any definite answers. But that does not mean that one should ignore them.
While exploring her own self, Marie-Noëlle Gagnan discovers an improved clairvoyance which lets her pierce into the intimate of the human being, into the truth of its psyche.
She follows a winding path, which opens as she paints the emotions she feels.
Vanishing into being and discovering all the riches and vulnerabilities of existence: such is the captivating adventure she lives with every stroke of her brush.
MNG looks at the soul and all its interrogations, aspirations, disappointments, illusions and passions, drawing upon her own experiences and observations.
Her symbolic language opens windows through which every onlooker observes a different world.
One cannot expect to see everything in one glance. No, these things take time, and details emerge the longer you look.
In front of her blank canvas, when she feels ready, MNG moves freely and whimsically to add color, motion and symbols, reference points to her art.
As her work is born, it reacts to her and suggests new ideas. Soon, a dialogue begins: secrets are shared from both sides.
From time to time, these ideas are surprising, yet the exchange stays dynamic. The artist’s passion for pictural discourse burns brighter, revealing its interiority.
Through her dreamlike canvasses, both symbolic and expressionistic, she shares a corner of her soul, hoping to reach a corner of yours. Anyone who desires more will find deep thoughts and exposed questions, and take part in this grand dance of discovery of the human comedy.
Pure and complementary colors contrast, giving MNG’s art force of expression, while at the same time, subtle nuances unveil the mystery’s complexity. Curves, circles and motion give dynamism to her work, revealing both the shadow and the light of our lives.
As years have gone by, painting has become vital for MNG. Were she unable to express herself in her art, her whole life would lose meaning.
Her workshop is her kingdom and her captivating work lets her take on the path she has chosen.
Painting is like writing, which is why she happily follows Rainer-Maria Rilke’s advice.
"The necessary thing is after all but this; solitude, great inner solitude. Going into oneself for hours meeting no one - this one must be able to attain." (Letters to a Young Poet).

Studi effettuati
Masters in Education (Arts) – University of Montreal
Teaching licence
Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts – UQAM- Montreal
Diploma of the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués, in Paris.
Final competition: 4th place on 63
French Baccalauréat

Esperienze di insegnamento
Tapestry creation at the Canadian Guild of Crafts in Montreal
Plastic Arts at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Ville St-Laurent
Plastic Arts at Collège Sainte-Marcelline in Montreal

Mostre recenti
April/May 2018 : Solo Exhibition - Artifact Gallery – Manhattan NY
March 2018 : SIAC Exhibition, Marseille
From April to July 2017 : Metropolitan Gallery/Art Museum Las Vegas
December 2016 : Barcelona International Art Fair
Nov/Dec 2016 : "Little Treasures" Exhibition, Bologna
October 2016 : Ateneo de Madrid Exhibition – Sala Prado
September 2016 : Rotterdam International Art Fair
May 2016 : Barcelona-International Art Exhibition – Espai Ku Art Gallery
March 2016: SIAC Exhibition, Marseille
February 2016: Artist in the World Exhibition - Galleria Domus Romana, Rome
November 2015: "Contrastes", solo exhibition - Valmi Gallery, Montreal
November/December 2015: "Little Treasures" Exhibition, Bologna
October 2015: Artist in the World Exhibition, "ArtExpo Logout", Rome
October 2015: Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
May 2015: Exhibition at the 2nd Salon d’Art Contemporain, Toulouse
December 2014: Solo exhibition at Galerie l’Artiste, Montréal

Member of the Mondial Art Academia
Member of the Institut Européen des Arts Contemporains
Member of the Cercle des Artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec.

Collezioni permanenti
Museum Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas : 4 paintings evaluated 2000,00$ US each.

Art et Design Magazine - August 2015
Art Absolument Magazine – Special Edition : "55 Artistes Talents à Découvrir"
Mondial Art Academia Book – "Académiciens 2014"
"Encyclopedie Européenne des Arts Contemporains" – Vol. 2 – Institut Européen des Arts Contemporains
"Contemporary Art of Excellence book" Investable Artists 2016 – GAA Publishing
"High Impact: The Art of Visual Volume" – New York – Dec. 2015
"Little treasures" Trevisan International Art – Bologna - Italy

Premi e riconoscimenti
2017 : Diploma of honor – Mondial Art Academia – Amsterdam International Art Fair (Global Art Agency).
2016 : Diploma of honor - Mondial Art Academia – Rotterdam International Art Fair (Global Art Agency).
2016 : First Award / Abstract Art – International galleries competition (Mondial Art Academia)
2016 : Diploma of honor - Mondial Art Academia – Rotterdam International Art Fair (Global Art Agency).
2016 : Artmajeur Award – Silver
2016 : Diploma of excellence (honorable award) – Art Addiction Medial Museum
2016 : Honorary degree - Mondial Art Academia – Rotterdam International Art Fair (Global Art Agency).
2016: First Price / Abstract paintings – International Gallery Awards (Mondial Art Academia)
2016: "Art Majeur Award" –Silver Category
2015: "Art Award Achievement" Award – Grand Concours International d’Arts Contemporains 2015
2015: Honorary degree – Mondial Art Academia – Art Shopping Show – Paris, Carrousel du Louvre
2015: Silver medal of the Institut Européen des Arts Contemporains
2015: Honorary degree – Mondial Art Academia – selection and participation, 2nd Salon d’Art Contemporain Antarès-Creativ-Toulouse
2014: Rank of Chevalier Académicienne – Mondial Art Academia
2014: "Art Majeur Award" –Silver Category
2005: "Prix des Artistes" Award – Winner of the Choix des Artistes contest during the Parole en Art symposium in Montreal

Artist rating Akoun: 900 euros 15P (65 x 50 cm)

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