Biography of Vicius Art

My name is Vicio, someone calls me Vicius, and I was born in Italy, among the green hills of Southern Lazio.
I grew up in a delightful little hill town.
Closed to my home there was the smokestacks of a refinery and one of the most polluted rivers in Europe. In the early Nineties I moved to Rome to attend the college.
In my opinion, painting should be done straight off and quickly, as quick as a shot.
In my experience painting is done automatically, hands must work alone without the involvement of brain; a work should be performed in 6-8 hours, a maximum of two working sessions.
The ideal is to create at the drawing board, without proofs. If I am not at home, I do a free hand sketch, just not to forget an idea that strikes me.
Thinking too much about a work is the worst thing that can happen to me.
In my painting, I want to focus on the content of the message. I want to be as pure as a child, immediate as a primitive man.
Sometimes I like to confuse the viewer, other times I want to stimulate him.
Usually I want to show what is inside man, his inner dimension. Other times I am interested in the representation of those processes which are the opposite of structures.
In this view I feel technique as a distortion of the primitive nature of the process, as a filter of consciousness.
In other words, harmony is to me a technical correction made by consciousness.
Disharmony arises from uniqueness and therefore is the source of my inspiration. For this reason, I call my artwork 'Disharmonic Painting'.
My creative process is focused on the way linking my individual perception of the World and the contents of the collective unconscious. I want to represent life as it is, always different and never equal to anything else.
I believe this is the only way to represent human spirituality without cunning, I desire painting an incessant flow, as James Joyce theorized in the Literature.
I represent a hidden side of objects, a side where there are no rules. I paint subjects in which arbitrary opposite tendencies coexist together. The moon is an excellent metaphor for my artistic idea. It has one side lit by the sun visible to everybody but it also has an obscure dark side. Painting this obscurity is for me the door to our 'Disharmonic world'.