Biography of Stefania Santarcangelo

Stefania Santarcangelo was born in Lecco in 1982 where she still lives. The training sees growth in the studio of master painters and an autonomous meeting with digital art and some software associated with it. At present the study aims to define a stylistic personalization towards the traditional and digital illustration. At the same time is going on a first approach (for now self-taught) with three-dimensional modelling software.
The works are created by digital manipulation of manifold elements properly combined to create the “sense." Each element is differently treated depending on its role in the "image history". Treatment ranges from simple change of colours and sizes up to complex texturing, distortions of shapes, fusion of multiple levels and the digital drawing in parts where the work needs some unique particulars. Is not ruled out a future integration of three-dimensional modelling.
Chromatic liquidity... Inside and outside run after each other in a tender and terrible world of a timeless feminine character. New figures gather in intelligible but receding sequences. Far from human conditions the essence reveals: the dream into reality, reality in the dream. The artist's intent is to take the observer by the hand towards hidden places of her soul for resurrect desires, memories, fears and truth.
The artist’s style is a “fantastic, conceptual realism”.