Biography of Sigrid Plattner

Sigrid Plattner was born at Brunico in 1967. She actually lives and works in Bolzano.
When  she decided to dedicate her freetime to painting, dream of her youth came true. She tried to create a pictorial completeness of being. She took  feelings, life, meetings in her pictures: she sees, takes note, paints and let souls speaking : it’s a spiritual diagram.
She does not avoid memories, philosophical elaborations of present, intellectualism. She is supported by vitality and so she paints her solar feelings – not like an intellectual who poses questions on nature but on his own experience; not philosophizing on life, but experience at the base of art. Therefore, she finds herself through painting.
She wants to be known like a self-taught painter. She continues and will continue her way of painting in a more and more stronger and safer way. Her style is naïf based, she originally portrays what surrounds her : flowers, colors and objects with very lively colors giving sensation of vitality, happiness and positivity.
Her technique is particular : on wood panel with acrylic  colors and lacquer.
She is nowadays on national and international level. Personal and group shows  in Bolzano, Trento, Rome, Barcelona, Santo Domingo, etc.