Biography of Rosa Maria Marongiu

She was born in 1963 in Carbonia, where she lives and works as an English  teacher  at the ’Liceo Scientifico’Gramsci-Amaldi’.
She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures  from  Cagliari University in 1988 , but she has cultivated her passion for painting since she was a child, under the guide of her father, a very skilled self-taught painter ,who died prematurely.
Her Drawing teacher, the painter Febe Antoniutti, had a remarkable influence on her , encouraging and giving her precious advices.
Despite her engagement in her work at school and her family life , she dedicates herself to painting with a strong effort and determination, but only in the last six years she has exposed her works in collective exhibitions.
At first her favorite subjects were landscapes , portraits and still lives.
Besides the emotions offered by the colours and lights of nature ,by the moments of family and daily life, what inspires her work is the need to ‘save’ these moments and emotions , as if to ‘preserve’  them from the destruction and transience  of Time.
Since 2000’s she has started to experiment new  mixed techniques and materials as well as digital elaborations of drawing and photography.
 Painting and poetry have often helped her to overcome difficult and sad periods in her life, giving a reason to sufferance through the reflection on human existence , which  is seen as part of a Macrocosm, where our life is reflected in the Natural elements and cycles and through the search for Beauty in the colours, shapes  , reflexes of natural landscapes , human faces and bodies.
But her painting springs from an intimate strength, an irresistible attraction which needs to be given vent and be realized in an idea, a feeling or an emotion on a page, a canvas or a wooden panel; in this way the act of painting and drawing become an act of love and freedom.
It is through the use of acrylic colours with different materials, such as paper, sand ,fabric ,stucco, flowers , that she manages to express ideas which are often connected to themes  from her recent poems, where the natural elements , especially the sea, the earth, flowers become symbols and personifications of moods, passions and feelings.
Her activities as a painter and a poet have been  developing  in a parallel way , so as to achieve a fusion of themes and subjects.
Mrs Marongiu has participated in some national literary competitions ,where she obtained  acknowledgements and honourable mentions and the publication of some of her poems in anthologies.
She published her first collection of poems, Lo Scrigno della mia Anima (The Chest of my Soul)in 2007 and she is preparing a second collection.
In her last paintings it is more evident the passion for strong contrasts of light and shadows, the pure and bright colours ,which are often mixed directly on the surface to give more strength to symbolic representations of ideas and emotions often connected to her personal experience, recently affected by the uncertainty due to the worsening of sight problems, which made it necessary some surgery operations.
Three of her works , are exhibited  in Barcelona at Barraquer Centre of Ofthalmology.
In  Schola Magistra Vitae- On the Ragged Edge recently exhibited in Montecarlo, she expresses her disillusionment and bitterness  towards the Italian school ,which has being gradually chocked and impoverished by the insensible and shortsighted policies of the governments of the last decades.
Due to the  pretended innovations and reforms only aiming at cutting down education expenses to the disadvantage of students and teachers , school is striving to  hand down culture , formation and give confidence, skills and wings to fly  to the future generations.
(abstract  from the catalogue  ‘L’arte italiana nel Principato’-   4/5 ottobre 2012 –  Auditorium  Rainier III, Montecarlo: Month of Italian culture and  language, Italian Embassy  in the Principality of Monaco).

Exhibitions and Competitions

2000 Concorso nazionale A.L.I. Penna d’Autore –. Sezione pittura 2000  con  due  opere selezionate e pubblicate nella Galleria d’Arte del sito : Campo fiorito di maggio - Canestro di frutta .
2004 Elaborazione digitale con animazione di disegni/pastelli a olio (GIF, pulsanti lingue ,sfondi) per il sito
2005 Concorso Nazionale di Carbonia ‘Omaggio agli uomini e alle donne che hanno dato vita alla città di Carbonia’con l’opera: Pane nero (2005)
2007 Finalista al Concorso ‘Il mio mare’(2007) con pubblicazione sul libro omonimo di un’elaborazione digitale di fotografia e disegno , ‘Fiore primordiale degli abissi’.
2007 IX  Mostra di arti visive e figurative –Cittadella dei Musei- Intercral Sardegna con il patrocinio dell’Università di Cagliari.
2008 X Mostra di arti visive e figurative – Cittadella dei Musei- Intercral Sardegna con il patrocinio dell’Università di Cagliari.
2010 XII Mostra di arti visive e figurative – Cittadella dei Musei- Intercral Sardegna con il patrocinio dell’Università di Cagliari.
2011 Tre delle sue opere sono esposte  a Barcellona presso il Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer.
2012 8-17 marzo – CARBONIA- I  Mostra Collettiva  d’Arte visiva  femminile
2012 13 maggio-15 luglio - MOSTRA ‘IMMAGINA’, collettiva di artisti selezionati -Associazione culturale internazionale Artepozzo,Castello di Cisterna d’Asti.
2012 4-5 ottobre – ‘L’arte italiana nel Principato’ - Esposizione di quattro opere a Montecarlo nell’ambito del ‘Mese della cultura e lingua italiana Principato di Monaco ’-Auditorium Rainier III
2012 10-18 novembre – XIV Mostra di arti visive e figurative – Cittadella dei Musei- Intercral Sardegna con il patrocinio dell’Università di Cagliari.
2013 14-28 febbraio – Barcellona – Mostra AmARTI in Barcellona – Ada Art Gallery