Biography of Maristella Angeli

Artist, painter, poet, writer
Maristella Angeli was born in Foligno (Pg), she has lived in Macerata since she was four years old. Painter and graphic artist, daughter of art, she obtained the diploma of Master of Art and that of Maturity of Applied Art, sect. Pictorial decoration, with the maximum of voting, at the State Institute of Art in Macerata.
Professional Artist IAA / AIAP, Unesco Official Partner, has joined the International Movement "One Hundred and More Artists for the World", registered with the international artistic literary movement "Immagine & Poesia", collaborator of the DArteMa website, is also a poet and writer.
Despite having continued his studies in other fields and taught for many years, she resumed his artistic activity with passion and determination.
She has held personal exhibitions, also participated in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad, earning prizes and awards: 1st International "Pennello d'oro" Award 1982, Corno Giovine (MI), European Artistic Personality Award, Brussels, Int. Prix The Pantokrator, Corfù, Oslo Grand Prix, Oscar dell'Arte 2013, Montecarlo; Marche Regional Council Award, Porto Sant'Elpidio 2014, 1st Prize of the critical Ad-Art competition, 2016, Awarded at the Contemporary WebArt 2018, First prize for the Artists Award, second for the Critical Award with my painting “In search of the sky ”, At the“ Ad-Art ”Competition No. 40, 2019.
She has participated in numerous national and international collective exhibitions including the 2nd Edition of the Biennial of Creativity at Women, Bra (CN) 2018, MOSAIC Project: Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Venice, Budapest (Hungary) 2018, Arte Fiera Padova 2017; "Osaka Art Expò" Cultural Twinning Japan - Italy, Exhibition Halls of the "Systema Gallery" by Katsu Ishida, Osaka - 2016 ", Japan," RomArt 2015 "," The International Biennial of Art and Contemporary Culture ", Rome, 2015," 1st Biennial of Creativity ”Auditorium, Palaexpo, Verona 2013.
Her pictorial work "Dimension of the Self" was exhibited on the occasion of "Asylum Fear as [Art]", "Asylum Fantastic Fest 2019", expo that took place at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj - Valmontone (Rome) inside of the First Edition of the Festival of Gothic, Fantastic and Horror Art.
She adhered, with one of his works, to the convocation of Postal Art "Antes del fin, por eco eco revolución", Santiago de Chile, the work was exhibited in APECH's Sala Santiago Nattino, then in traveling exhibitions through Chile.
She participated, with one of his works, in the project "Libertà e Volo" 2015, a traveling exhibition of Mail Art, held in various locations in Italy and Venezuela.
She donated his work “L’Arte, will save the world” to the Convocation internacional de arte correo / mail art of the Association of Plásticos de Puerto Rico, Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, Caribbean island, “Viva El Arte”.
She has exhibited in museums and foundations; at the invitation of the Municipality, Department of Culture, exhibited his works at the CART Museum, Falconara Marittima (AN) 2019/2018, at the “Ugo Guidi” House Museum, Forte dei Marmi (LU) 2018, at the Casa Cajani Cultural Center , Gualdo Tadino (PG) 2019/2018/2017 She participated in the editions "Human Rights?" Specchia (LE), "Human Rights? Migrantes ”, AIAPI, 2013, at the International Human Rights artistic event? #EDU 2018, organized by AIAPI, with Spazio -Tempo Arte and Art & Forte, Fondazione Opera Campana Rovereto (TN).
She is present in the project "The Heroine's Journey":
He participated, with her own artistic work, in the artistic project and is included in the artistic book "To not forget ... Genoa 14/08/2018", edited by the Association Onlus Lord Thomas (MN).
Reviewed by well-known critics in newspapers and art publications, her works are in private collections in Italy and the USA (California).
 Director Roxanne Brousseau-Félio, Artistic Director "Levure Littéraire" France / Canada, dedicated a video to her: 'I Create': A video series featuring international talent, Multi-lingual Italian / English / French Featured Artist, present in the video “ Celebrating 5 year ”.
She is included in Volume 6 and 5, 2018/2019 "Poets and artists around the world", "Immagine & Poesia" movement, Turin.
Creator and curator of the Virtual Collective, in which she also participated, "L´Arte in pictorial and poetic expression", Present Contemporary Art Italy Florence 2012.
The artist has illustrated covers, published in published books, for some authors and poets.
She is included in the Art Catalog "Asylum Fear as [Art]", in the "Compendium of Art", of the new editorial series "Understanding and knowing the Art, Contemporary Artists section, in the La Storia dell'arte series," L ' art of the third millennium "," Il Vedutismo "and" The history of art ", section Contemporary Masters, Swing Editions," International artistic currents compared in the XXI century "vol.4 °, with review by Rosario Pinto, which will be sent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and will then be archived in the Thomas J. Watson Library, "The Gardens of Art between Charm and Reality from Arshile Gorky to Today", sect. Women in art, Arsev Edizioni.
The artist is also included in the Art Catalogs ", Artitalia, Biancoscuro Editions," The élite news 2014 "," L'élite "2015," I alert 2013, "Over Art", "Art Effect", EA Editions , Biancoscuro Art Magazine # 33, 2019, in the Catalogs and Yearbooks of collective and events.
Professional Artist IAA / AIAP - Unesco Official Partner.
Multi-lingual Italian / English / French Featured Artist - Maristella Angeli, Italy