Biography of Marisa Bellini

Marisa Bellini was born in Pontevico (BS) on July 17, 1954 where she resides until the age of eight and then moves with her in the province of Milan and then in the province of Cremona.
She has always had a strong attraction for the art that studies and cultivates with passion and determination both as self-taught and following for ten years courses of drawing and painting also held by professors of the Accademia Carrara di Bergamo.
She prefers oil painting but also experiments with other techniques such as fresco, watercolor, acrylic and tempera.
Her painting is certainly not one-way; in fact, if her favorite subjects are undoubtedly portraits and figures, she transfers on the canvas, with the same naturalness and ease, landscapes, interior and exterior architecture, animals and scenes of sacred setting, offering the observer in addition to the overview, even those details that make the work true, lively and fascinating.
Safe and decisive brushstrokes resulting from a strong communicative and expressive charge, even in recent abstract works, are revealing of his innate qualities.
Marisa Bellini's paintings are solar; they communicate energy and transmit strong messages of social relevance or simply invite to reflection. But they are never "heavy" of rhetoric.
She expresses what she feels, what she thinks, what she likes, the most secret memories and emotions.
Also for this reason, as well as for the immediacy and the pleasant sensation of the aesthetic approach they offer, her artworks are appreciated by the public and critics.
Her artworks can be found in numerous public and private collections and permanently at the Taormina Gallery in Taormina.
They wrote: Monsignor Gianfranco Fogliazza, art critics Dr.Rosi Raneri and Dr.Salvatore Russo, Dr. Simone Fappanni, Dr. Salvatore Russo, Professor Giuseppe Fumagalli, Professor Maria Assunta Meriggio, Professor Mario Cerioli, and Antonella Agnello.