Biography of Mariagrazia Zanetti

Born in Novara I completed studies that have nothing to do with my passion for drawing and painting and so I am self-taught.
During my research phase I soon matured the awareness that my way of expressing myself artistically can only be based on total instinct.
Any approach other than the instinctive one generates for me an impassable wall that does not allow me to express artistic expression.
Hence the choice of abstract painting as my preferential way even if not exclusive.
Everything must start from an idea or rather from a suggestion originated from a real or imaginary vision and it must arrive on the canvas without anything being trapped: no logical process, no rationality, no mental superstructure.
Only instinct and spontaneity allow me to realize the work.
I exhibited four of my paintings from June to September 2017 at the FlyerArt Gallery in Rome and later at the Caelum Gallery in New York.
I participated with one of my paintings on display in the second half of June at the Artexpo Summer Rome 2018.
I exhibited at the AccorsiArte Gallery of Venice in July 2018.
I won (along with other artists) the Modigliani Award - Spoleto Arte 2018.
I participated in the group exhibition of "Pitturiamo" at the Art Gallery "Area Contesa Arte" in Rome in September 2018.
I was included in the magazine "EXPOART" (October 2018) with a critical note and a page dedicated to me by the international art master Mario Salvo.
I exhibited 4 paintings at the Gallery "Spazio Area Contesa Arte" in via Margutta in Rome during the period November - December 2018.