Biography of Marga Duin

Marga’s work has been successfully exhibited in major cities around the world, including Amsterdam, New York, Beijing, Rome, Ferrara, Barcelona, Madrid, Singapore, London, Istanbul, Florence and Zurich.
In 2006 she received an award for her work at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition in the Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy.
In 2010 her work was selected for the ‘Big Expo’ an international exhibition concerning the Chinese Cultural Heritage, Beijing, China.
In 2011 she became winner of the TOPTEN International Art Competition “Women in the Arts”, Rome. Italy.
In the same year she received an award from the Ministry of Culture, Beijing, China, as the ‘Top Influential Artist 2011’.
In 2015 and 2018 she received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ during the International Art Contests Artavita, USA.
Marga started drawing nude models in 1985 - it felt liberating.
During her youth, the world of emotions and feelings was completely closed off: it simply wasn't discussed.
Her fascination with the human body led her to extensively observe and study "the human being" in everything it undertakes.
In doing so, she came to believe more and more strongly that as individuals, alongside our own identity, we are also increasingly confronted with the identity of the other, in the broadest sense of the word.
She tried to reflect this sense of connection between individuals in her drawings, in her own particular style.
The lines cross in the same way our own paths do, but there are areas of common ground that we have to cherish and develop when it comes to caring for one another in the world we inhabit.