Biography of Luigi Fiorin

Luigi Fiorin, born in Rome, in 1935, after graduation, enrolled at university and faced his involvement in society, interrupting his studies.
He is employed, merchant, hotelier, painter, designer of the Edizioni del Cavalluccio, Ippocampo, company manager.
He attended an evening course in figurative art in Brera, Milan, and at his first collective, he earned an unexpected silver medal with the S. Ambrogio.
He participates in many other group exhibitions, among which, in Rome, via Margutta, Via Giulia, Piazza in Lucina at the "Etoile", at the Galleria "Il Bracolo", at the Church of the Artists in Via del Babuino, in Buenos Aires, "Salon De Arte Nacional e Internacional ", in Bologna, at" Arte Bo Association ", in Sanremo" Artists with the heart ", 2010, at Punta Punta Arte International in Punta del Este, at the New Artemisia Gallery, Bergamo, collective" Arte Sacra ", In Rome," Domus Talenti, Art Prize, 2011 ", SpaziOfficina-Rome, collective exhibition" ARTEUOMO ", 2012, collective" I Ediz. Yacht Med. Art Fest.Gaeta "," Dance with Art "at the Domus II, 2013, Rome, 2015, Art Gallery La Vaccarella, 2016, Il Melograno Art Gallery, Livorno, 2017, Novena Expo Punta del Este; 2018 First Prize Palermo, Paolo Levi.
According to the Critique, "in his works, adherence to the subject is never passive, but powerfully recharged from his personal vision, in which color plays a preponderant part.
The pictorial tract, sometimes round and open, sometimes hard and dry, demonstrates its critical, constructively critical position towards reality ".
"He was able to give an imprint of original fantasy, even in the sign of a rigorous graphic, to his paintings dedicated to animals in danger of extinction".
"An artist who expresses his passion by creating works that narrate dreams and emotions".
He got the first poetry prize from the hands of Andrea Zanzotto.
He published an essay entitled "The Silphion, the birth of a new era", published by "L'Autore Libri Firenze".
Some of his poems and stories have appeared in various literary magazines.
For his activity as Company Manager, he was granted the Decoration of the "Star of Merit of Labor" by the President of the Republic.