Biography of Luca Peverati "Peve"

Luca Peverati (Peve), born in OLTEN (Switzerland) on 26/04/1966, at the age of three years his family moved to Rozzano (Milan-Italy).
He starts the schools and he cared immediately in drawing, reaching a great skill and emerging by the other students.
When it comes time to decide what to do after primary schol, he choose the school of ART but his teacher of mathematics interferes and advises parents to not follow that choise ! , (just to remind anyone to not interfere with the choices of the boys) in in common agreement with the Luca family, he chooses the school for dental technicians, but  with the passing of the years he himself realizes to made a big mistake.
Today he paints with difficulty because his primary work takes away much of the time available, but now decided as self-taught to publish and spreading his artworks.
Unforgettable character (wild) with shy personality from here the series MISANTROPO that a little represent it, while SABBIE shows an evident desire to do something else that goes beyond the canvas itself with a particular attention to BIPOLAR CRISIS depicting the mother in one of the crises of this disease (bipolar) precisely.
As for CLOSE THE EYES is a series at the beginning, which to do with his sight, what he sees with his eyes closed, under the sun, during the night naturally much more amplified.