Biography of Katia Seri

Katia Seri was born in Rome, where she lives and works. His painting is manifested through a pure automatism, where he freely expresses his own unconscious.
His pictorial style, which has a rich palette of colors and techniques, is often a combination of figurative and abstract, alien to academic teachings and prefixed schemes.
He has exhibited at the Rome Quadrennial, at ACLI, at ICE, at cultural associations * Art Arvalia onlus * and private galleries (Trittico, Astrolabio, Pentart, Tornatora, margutta 102 of Rome).
He took part in the Terna Prize 2009/2010, at the Premio Campo dei Fiori 2010, at the Art Expo in Arezzo 2011, at the 2011 Biennale selection, at the contemporary art exhibition organized by AMIBEC at the ANGELICA Library, at the 2012 Open Art Prize at the Bramante in Rome, at the INT.LE urbis et Artis PRIZE c & o Pontifical University of the Seraphicum.