Biography of Irena Prochazkova

The Painter Irena Prochazkova was born in Tabor in 1973 and  currently lives in Prague in the Czech Republic.
She was  influenced by the artistic movement  Impressionism.  Her pictures are full of colours and have been created from the life's  experiences.
She gives the priority to the topics - trees, landscape, animals and at the best portrait of people.
As a child she painted and went to the primary art school in Tabor.
She has worked with oil on canvas recently but earlier had painted with water-based paints on paper, acrylic and pastel.
She graduated in economics and the hospitality.
2000-2002 - the Art school in Tabor by the academic painter Buzu
2004-2010 -  the Art course by the academic painter Macholdova
2010-till  - the private art course by the academic painter Uzdilova    
2001, 2002 - Collective art exhibition in Tabor
2016 - Art exhibition "Colors of the World" in Prague the gallery Nova Beseda
In Prague 13th. March 2017