Biography of Heidi Schütte-Kunz

Heidi Schütte-Kunz studied art education in Giessen and later completed her training as an art therapist. Today she works as an art teacher and art therapist. She lives, paints and works in Gießen and Butzbach, Germany.
Dynamic lines dominate the more recent works of Heidi Schütte-Kunz. The color subordinates itself, but remains of essential importance for the composition and effect of the picture. It supports the tension of the line and increases its energy. In other works, color dampens the power of movement and cushions it to achieve the desired expression.
Movement in nature is very important to her. She wanders a lot and often paints what she finds. Places or things or impressions. Finding is not predictable and incomputable. One is most likely to find if one does not search. But if it happens, you are suddenly deeply touched. Inside a string is made to sound and relates to a strong emotion. Sometimes the find becomes a pictorial motif, sometimes different impressions combine to form a new whole.
Heidi Schütte-Kunz works on canvas and paper. Older works are often overpainted. She mainly uses oil pencils, acrylic paints, and very important: snippets and excerpts from other works, which experience a new meaning in a new painting.


1999 illustration of two children's books (joint project with her brother, Peter Schütte)
1. Luca the quick-change artist, öbv & hpt, Vienna, ISBN 3-209-02719-6
2. Luca in the cave labyrinth, öbv&hpt, Vienna, ISBN 3-209-0284-9
2014 Cover design, novel "Der erste Informant", Harald Biel,
BoD, Norderstedt, ISBN 978-3-7322-6606-7

2017/ 19     at the magazine “artistwindow", issues 50 and 54

Since 2012 various exhibitions in the region
2012 /13     Group exhibitions in own studio, Gießen
2014 FKZ - Women's Cultural Centre, Gießen
2014 and 2016 Participation "in river with flair”, Gießen
2015 Municipality of Hüttenberg as part of the series "Culture local”, Hüttenberg
2016 Gallery in the town hall Linden, Linden
2016 Jubilee exhibition of the community of Hüttenberg (Culture local), Hüttenberg
2016 "Café de Paris”, Gießen
2017 Practice Marie-Theres Kern, Gießen
2019 Practice Marie-Theres Kern, Gießen
2019 Participation in various exhibitions of international contemporary artists at "rossocinabro gallery”, Rome, Italy