Biography of Györgyi Bors

I was born in Tapolca, Hungary in 1977. The tragically early death of my mother overshadowed my childhood. In my age of 8 I got in orphanage and lived in several institutes until 18.
Already during these years it turned out that drawing and painting meant the most consolation for me.
I have always been interested in fine arts, especially in the history of fine art.
After secondary school I entered King Zsigmond High School in the faculty of organising culture. My thesis was about Leonardo da Vinci.
In about 2018 I just started feeling that self-instruction isn’t enough and I especially wanted to learn more about oil painting. Under the guidance of my master, Kálmán Gasztonyi I started an intensive work with oil technique. Using the various painting techniques and know-how learnt from him I have been getting able to express my inner visions, moods, feelings.
I sent my works to several competitions with positive, appreciative feedback.
For me painting is not just a means of self-expression and a great help to analyse and eliminate the feelings rooted in the abuses I suffered in my childhood and as adolescent in the orphanages but a way of autotherapy as well. I hope that my works can give some help to people having similar fate as I had – letting them know that they are not alone.
Events, emotions, impressions that have happened in my life inspire me continuously in my themes.
My intention is to compose pictures having inner coherent message besides esthetical value. My visions – from the past and present time - break up so inexorably that sometimes I work parallel on four, five pictures.
If I should categorize my style, I would say that my works are close to symbolism, surrealism with cubist marks, but to be honest: these are the eclectic projections of my dreams.