Biography of Gleb Uralov

I'm Gleb Uralov, was born at 1971 in Moscow.
I began to draw at age of two, according to my parent's recall. In 1989 I entered the State University of Cinematography to the faculty of Documental cinema. During 18 years I worked as a film maker at federal channels and received highest awards in few international festivals.
But from my early childhood drawing was my only one & really passion. So I entered the Academic School of Design in Moscow and successfully graduated at 2015. From this time I began to work with some well-known design agencies, which lead me up to my own project - Design Code, where I practice with pleasure my paintings & graphics till now. In 2017 I organized my first personal exhibition in Moscow Art gallery ARKA, which brought me new opportunities of art creation.
In autumn 2017 I also took part in new project for me - international exhibition Artexpo Autumn Rome 2018, which gave me unusual experience of international projects.
I hope the next exhibition would be just promising and starry.