Biography of Francesca Busca

To Francesca, the purpose of Art is to provoke critical thinking in the viewer. She feels a compelling urge to convey a message, as strongly as her technical and creative capabilities will allow.  
She mostly focuses on environmental and social issues: she sees art as a way to reach, address and provoke original and innovative thoughts on common issues, rather than focused on what she believes has become an almost standardised, often excessive individualism.
Francesca defines herself as an EnvironmentARTist / AmbientARTista.
Torn between optimism and surrender, she is haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction.
Yet, she believes in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through re-thinking, repurposing and reducing.
She is fascinated by colours and textures of both artificial and natural elements, which she hunts for in everyday life and plays with in new combinations, pairing and contrasting noble material with rubbish.
Her aim is to prove how rubbish is a relative definition and how it can be turned into something useful, fun and even beautiful.
This shows particularly in her installations, which are created entirely from "found" material.
She thoroughly enjoys working within both the ethical and the material limitations which this choice entails.
She has a true passion for mosaic, as it allows the use of a broad range of materials: she strives to show the beauty and significance of each material used, in each tiny piece.
She never stops learning and experimenting, eagerly crisscrossing the boundary between Mosaic and Mixed Media.
She is on a mission to show the incredible - yet still lesser known and appreciated - potential of modern mosaic, as a fine art in its own right.
Francesca has also recently resumed her fondness for photography, which she decided to abandon before the digital era, due to the pollution involved in development techniques.
She is currently working on layered artwork, where she uses photography to create multi-layered messages which develop around her 3D artworks.
She has participated in over 60 art exhibitions internationally. She has received over 30 awards and appeared on a dozen publications.
She has recently launched the Payment in Kind(ness) initiative, whereby she accepts eco-friendly gestures (LiThs = “Little Things”) as payment in kind toward her artwork.
Ironically, her Little Things exhibition was censored within the first week of opening, as it was found to be “too controversial” by some of the estate residents.
She is part of the BAMM Committee in the role of Exhibition Officer, whereby she curates mosaic exhibitions around the Country.
She is a member of the Governing Body of the London School of Mosaic, a  member of The Artists' Pool and of the Circle Foundation of the Arts.
Francesca is happily available for pro bono collaborations with cultural, educational and environmental organisations.
She is currently collaborating with LIGCA (London International Gallery of Children’s Art) and Fernando Montaño on projects aimed at raising environmental awareness on both air and plastic pollution. Making the world a better place through art, in all possible ways, is her biggest hope.