Biography of Ferdinando Ragni

Ferdinando Ragni was born in Italy at Collamato, a small town in the Marche hinterland, at the foot of the Apennine mountains, on 10 August 1943.
As a child he showed his passion and his artistic abilities, drawing with pieces of coal on the walls of his grandfather's house, landscapes and fantastic characters.
Already in elementary schools he participates in small local competitions and wins a first prize for having illustrated a story in the Heart Book.
He attended the Industrial Technical Institute of Fabriano and once he graduated, he worked first in Milan then moved, always for work, to Somalia in Mogadishu.
African atmospheres and extraordinary sunsets, awaken in him the old passion, among other things never dormant for drawing and painting.
The encounter with the art of the painter Bruno Disopra encourages him to present his first solo show at the Italian Club of Mogadishu.
Also in Somalia he participates in various artistic events winning prizes and with the permanent exhibition of his works at the S.M.O. of Mogadishu.
Once back in Italy he moved to Sardinia where he worked as a commercial agent. The splendid coasts, the rugged internal landscapes, the rocks, the trees twisted by the wind, make him love this land so beautiful and so different.
In a collective exhibition in Cagliari, he met the master Fantini who encouraged him to continue the path he had taken and to perfect his technique.
Being self-taught and always in search of perfection, he engages in the reproduction of the masters of the past with great success.
Participate in various national and international competitions with prizes and awards.
His figurative painting expresses the poetry of nature and the art of reality that surrounds us.
Looking at his works, he comes into contact with the most profound emotions, where the images involve the observer's state of mind in a sense of enveloping serenity.