Biography of Erich Kovar

A graphic artist by training, I prefer to paint. Painting gives me the opportunity to represent my inspiration symbolically using colour. I continued to develop my technique through continuous training. My art varies and has its own style.
Much current affairs are "packed" in my works.
As an artist, it is a challenge for me to lead the viewer into the unknown. The viewer should not understand the work of art rationally, but rather empathize subjectively with each work.

Criticism in semiotic aesthetic method of the artwork "Endlos (Without end)" by Erich Kovar
Kovar’s symbolism configures neurotic imprisonment in a golden cage of consciousness, through an apotropaic process of detaching from the unconscious fear of contagion. It is a human defense mechanism in the scotomization of the unknowable sphere of the unconscious, a source of psychotic anxiety. Yet, the solitude of consciousness is monadic and mendacious; it attempts a degenerative and illusory redemptive adaptation in the spiral of continuous multiplication, both obsessive and compulsive, of neurotic, sterile, unrelenting thoughts, of distancing, of subtraction.
Prof. Tony Brophy’s translation