Biography of Enzo Napolitano

Vincenzo Napolitano "Enzo" was born in Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa, in August 30, 1955
He attended the Art Institute of Comiso, achieving in 1971 the degree of Master of Arts,in 1998 the diploma of Art College and in 1999 he was graduated in “Decorative Art” at the Academy of Fine Arts Agrigento.
In 2000 he created an artistic movement “MAGMATISMO” of which he is founder.
Between 2000 and 2002 he taught “ Painting and Painting Techniques “ at the Academy of Fine Arts “ Mediterranea” of Ragusa.
In 2005 the Mondadori publishing house devoted the first monograph under the curatorship of Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Levi and G.Guastella.
The monograph is part of the series Mondadori, and contains all the works from 2001 to 2004.
In 2006, he is part of 99 artists chosen by V.Sgarbi for the book “ I Giudizi di Sgarbi “published by Mondadori.
In 2007 it was published the second monograph by the “ San Giorgio Arte Investimenti “.
In 2010 he founded the Proactive Art Movement “MAP 13” along with the Stefano Fanara and Eliana Re.
In 2011 it was published the third monograph by the “Centro Diffusione Arte”.
His paintings has been exposed in many countries and his works are part of important public and private collections.
Today his works are found in Italy, USA, Canada, Romania, Germany and Malta.
In 1994 he is the Winner of the Medal Silver “President of the Republic “ voted in International Festival of Sanremo.
In 1995 he represented Italy in the Painting Eurofestival in Tokyo.
In 2005 he has represented Italy at the United Nations Conference for the Protection of the Mediterranean organized by Admiral Roberto Patruno, Director General of REMPEC.
Famous authors and art critics have written about him as V. Sgarbi, P. Levi, R. Guttuso, G. Bufalino, B. Brancato, C. Randazzo, G. Capuzzo, A.C. Bellati, A, D’Attanasio, et others.