Biography of Dolors Simó Consola

Dolors Simó Consola was born in 1957 in Lleida, Catalonia. She studied at The Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design in Barcelona.
Her work focusses on the study of human behaviour, its own nature and this one in front of the void of time and space.
Three series compose her long career “Conducts-A series about apes” which is an analysis of human behaviour through apes' expressions; “Nature and the Human Being” series that studies the intrinsic relation between humans and nature using organic materials in a creative way and “Luk Riuman Series” which is a huge collection of marker drawings on paper (desimoline style).
Moreover, she is an expert in mosaic art, specially in trencadís technique.
She has made several works all over Catalonia and abroad for more than 35 years.She has exhibited her art around the world, to be noted “Conducts-A series about apes” in Barcelona, Lleida and Auvergne; “Nature and the Human Being” series in China, Japan, Spain, San Diego, London, Miami and New York; “Luk Riuman Series” in Florence and Dubai.