Biography of Constantin Apostol - LOTSOPA

Studies Graduate of "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest - Section
Monumental Art-Restoration - Chief of Promotion
1976-1977 - obtained the specialization by competition - Monumental Art.
2007 - Doctor of Visual Arts.

Professional activity from 2009 - University Doctor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Orthodox Theology Justinian Patriarch
Member of professional organizations
1981 - Member of the Union of Fine Artists in Romania;
Member of the International Association of Fine Artists (AIAP) - UNESCO, Paris.

2006-2007 - design, execution, coordination (team and team) and realization of art nouveau decorations at the private residence, Bucharest
1996-1997 - in the technique of secco-decoration Banca Chrissoveloni-National Bank, historical monument - Bucharest, about 800 sqm .; collective;
1990 - polished Marble Marble mosaic, on the facade of Balada - Focsani, Vrancea cinema, about 160 sqm, collaboration;
1988 - a number of six dioramas: - Bucharest Military Museum; collective;
1987-1991 - Neoizantine style frescoes, the interior and exterior of the historical monument - the founder Stefan cel Mare and the Alexandrell son - Precista-Bacau

Exhibitions in the country since 1976 - participant in most municipal exhibitions, annual, biennial painting group, sculpture and decorative art.
2018, April - May, I looked at Mysteries, Personal Exhibition, Buzau, Ion Andreeescu Art Galleries.
24 May - 24 June 2011 - Straight-view personal exhibition, Ion Ionescu Quintus Art Museum, Ploiesti, with painting and engraving works;
2009 - 26 May - 4 June. Personal Exhibition Faces of Missing-Galateca Gallery, Central University Library, Bucharest. Opening speech: Prof. Univ. Dr. Adrian Silvan Ionescu;

Exhibitions abroad 2017 - Flower of Life, Domus romana art Gallery, Rome, Italy, curator Fabrizio Nicoletti
Nov 22 - Nov 22 2010-Personal Engraving Exhibition in Veliko-Tarnovo, Bulgaria;

Books and published articles, Scientific communications, symposiums, posters, catalogs, lectures, radio-TV interviews, Awards and diplomas, Participation in teaching / professional committees
works of monumental art, painting, engraving, graphics, pastels, collages, icons, etc. (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Japan, USA, Greece, etc.) and private collections from abroad