Biography of Claudio Filippini

Claudio Filippini was born in Castenedolo (Brescia) in 1953. He attended the drawing courses of the Bresciani Artists Association and his activity began in 1976, the year of his first solo exhibition followed by numerous other exhibition events. Among these we remember, in 2003, the solo exhibition curated by Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz, artistic director of Brescia Museums and completed by an important publication. In May 2010, the artist exhibited at the Colossi Contemporary Art Gallery in an exhibition entitled Suspensions and, again with the Colossi Gallery, took part in two important group shows, LUNA and the other. The art side of the Moon, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, in September-November 2009 and Marylin. The art of beauty, curated by Carlo Occhipinti at Villa Ponti, in Arona, in November 2010-February 2011.
The Art Critics Giovanna Galli, Marta Mai, Tonino Zana, Claudio Donneschi and Ilaria Bignotti wrote about him.
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Solo Exhibition
2018 "Vintage" Villa Fenaroli Rezzato (Bs) "Music Wall" Pizzighettone (Cr) "Realtà dipinta" Villa Fenaroli Rezzato (Bs) Expo Arte Montichiari (Bs)
2017 Galerie Ulrich Gering Francoforte Germania -
2016 Galleria Studio Bibliografico Adige Trento - "Appunti Urbani" Villa Calini Morando Lograto Brescia
2015 " Rocca S. Giorgio" Orzinuovi Brescia -
2014 "Mille miglia d’autore" Galleria Colossi Arte Contemporanea (Bs)
2013 "Walking in New York" Rezzato (bs) Galleria Bottega Alta
2012 "Opere"Sala Civica Dei Disciplini Castenedolo – Brescia
2011 Galleria Civica G.B. Bosio Palazzo Todeschini Piazza Malvezzi Desenzano Del Garda (BS)
2011 "America" a cura del prof. Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz (BS)
2010 "Sospensioni" Colossi Arte Contemporaneacorsia Del Gambero, N° 13 (Bs)
2010 L’albereta Relais & Chateaux Erbusco (Brescia) 2009 "oltre lo sguardo"a cura di Giovanna Galli Galleria Crono arte contemporanea via Carmagnola 12 CHIARI Salone In Germania Per La Presentazione Dell’alta Qualita’ Del Made In Italy Neue MessepiazzaD- 70192 Stuttgart-Stoccarda
2007 "energiacontemporanea" Grand Hotel di Castrocaro Terme - via Roma
2007 "Oltre l’ Immagine",a cura di Marta Mai Galleria Punto Arte",Vestone(Bs) 2006" Messaggi di fine estate"Terme di Vallio (Bs)
2004 "soluzioni" Comune di Manerba (Bs), "Chiesa San Giovanni Decollato
2003 " le frontiere del nuovo paesaggio", a cura di Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz, Galleria "U.C.A.I.", Brescia 1996 Galleria "U.C.A.I.", Brescia
1981 Galleria "La Pallata", Brescia
1976 Galleria "Inganni", Brescia

Group Exhibition
2017 Fiera Art Karlsruhe Germania -
2016 Art Fair Amburgo Germania - Galerie Ulrich Gering Francoforte Germania -
2015 Arte Fiera Forli -
2014 "the italian wave" iaga international art gallery angels / Cluj- Napoca (RO)
2013 "L’arte Del Rugby" Colossi Arte Contemporanea Brescia
2013 "forme dolci salate" alabardieri - palazzo comunale – Cremona
2012 "L’arte Del Rugby" Curated By Alberto Mattia Martini galleria Maniero Roma
2010 "Marilyn Monroe L ‘Arte Della Bellezza" Villa Ponti Via S.Carlo 63 Arona
2009 "Art Innsbruckinternational" Fair For Contemporary Art Innsbruk Austria
2009 "Luna E L’altra" Galleria Colossiarte Brescia "automobile-automobile" Colossi Arte Contemporanea Brescia
2008 Fiera D’arte Palazzo Dei Congressi-Eur Roma
2007 evento Espositivo Presso La Sede Della Banca Dell’emilia Romagna Cesena
2002 Premio "Artist Of The Year" I Premio, Sirmione (Bs)
2001 I° Premio Concorso "Arte e Poesia Sacra",Piombino
2000 "La Pittura dialoghi a distanza", Galleria "Bottega Alta", Rezzato (Bs)

Artistic research
Claudio Filippini's pictorial language is a faithful witness and descendant of Italian figurative research, the son of a realism of suspended times and places. The artist in fact, through a careful and coherent research, often starts from the selection of existing places, often urban, but also domestic interiors, and translates them into pictorial photograms, realized in the purest oil technique on canvas. His works are so still-images of the artist's gaze that he must "possess" the real to recreate it and reread it through the perfection of the pictorial act. As Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz rightly observed, a few years ago, Filippini is a figurative witness of the contemporary, painting works belonging to a "cooled landscape, which gives an account of the new ways of observing man in post-industrial civilization". At the same time, behind the apparent adherence to the truth of his works, lies the dimension of memory and memory, while mimetic perfection vanishes into evanescent icons. In fact, the artist often plays on suspense and surprise, as if he wanted to tell us something more, or perhaps just to suggest it, leaving us the possibility of giving a face and a meaning to his world of mysterious beauty.