Biography of Caterina Pallavicino

My name is Caterina Pallavicino, Caterina as I sign my paintings. Red is the color I prefer, in each and every shades and it is also the color I always use to sign my paintings. I have always drawn, but I started to paint back in the 1991 when, during a tedious summer, I casually found some brushes and acrylics and I started to paint on a canvas. For longtime I found inspiration from Naif art and from its childish simplicity and descriptive immediacy. After 15 years of “artistic silence”, my artwork came back 6 years ago. During these last years of continuous artistic production, my way to approach colors and canvas is drastically changed. The experiences I lived and daily practice forced me to experience different techniques and materials. From my first Naif landscapes, I was oriented towards a more figurative style where trees were my primary inspiration. The next step was my approach to abstract art, and that was quite unexpected for me. I still don’t know how it happened, but it happened…!
I don’t know how to define my artistic work; the subject of my paintings, as well as the technique, can be very different. However I feel that is always pat of me, being a painting of a tree or a completely abstract work. My paintings represent inner paths and emotions, and I recognize myself both in my figurative and abstract paintings.
In the past years I presented my artwork at various exhibitions, and a list of the most important is:
2017 – Le città invisibili - collective exhibition – Coronary Art Gallery Rome
2017 – E tutto cambia - personal exhibition - Coronary Art Gallery Rome
2018 – New York – collective exhibition – ArtExpo, New York
2019 Summer, Winter and Autumn collective exhibitions - Art Gallery Rome