Biography of Andrea Plank

The artistic activity is carried out since 1989. The training took place on various study tours (Italy, France) as a self-taught and through private study with Prof. Basdera.
In her works, which are mainly worked in acrylic on canvas, she tried to play not only the visible but also a sensual perception artistically put in mind that a search in the depths of a limitation caused by the surface and not a balance between sense and Sensibility is.
The particular preference of Andrea Plank is a very concise one hand, of their own Realisimus implemented in the form of nudes and portraits in her moods, but also pictures of animals. On the other hand, it has developed a very interesting collage technique with metal rods, with which they implement it in a certain abstraction, and material-related reduction Stadtsilhuetten.
Your intesive exhibitions ranging from Vienna to Berlin, Malta, Rom, Barcelona and London.