Biography of Alberto Fiorenzato

Alberto Fiorenzato was born in Padua in the Arcella district: his father who was called Angelo (as in turn his father and as the brother of Alberto), owned a "finer liquor distillery", created by Angelo Senior, also awarded abroad in international exhibitions.
The founder Angelo Fiorenzato already at a young age at the end of the nineteenth century. he began a growing career as a chemist in the oenological sector, finding immediate insertion thanks to his skillful commercial predisposition in the distilleries of the time in the Paduan territory.
Alberto's mother, Elvira, was ahead of the years and ended up delegating to Adriana, the eldest daughter, the care of the child who grows up with a troubled childhood with all childhood illnesses; but more with hospitalization and a whole series of psychosomatic disorders.
In those years began for him, the first treatments aimed at identifying and treating his mysterious "diseases" through the American method of "Chiropractic", which involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and their effects on the general state of health intervening at the spinal level,
But it will be subjected to other therapies in the course of existence. In 1979, through Dr. Eugenia Zanovello Anselmi (of whom he will portray three years later) meets Freudian psychoanalysis, with individual and group sessions, which lead him to dig into the past, to relive the pains, to know how to read the his own thoughts, to recover inner relationships, to recognize his own limits, to accept himself and others.
In 2000 he met Edoardo Beato, a graduate in comparative philosophy, an expert in the subject for oriental disciplines and with him for years he devoted himself to the discipline of Yoga.
After the birth of his only daughter Greta (of which he will become a father at fifty, in 2003) had his wife Luisa, Alberto turns to Alberto Dea, who is in charge of Gestalt. "
In this period, dedicated to the search for this new horizon, with curiosity approaches new experiences and meets the spirit of the Indian philosopher and mystic Yoganada ".
Finally (let's say, for now, since the journey of this man and artist with all his vital curiosity, continues) in 2008, thanks to the help of Guido Sgaravatti, painter, sculptor and graphic designer, investigator of the psychology of the deep and scholar of the connection between our culture and the oriental one approaches with some meetings the technique of return.
Thus, despite not having any knowledge of the world of the Lombards, Alberto rediscovers himself in the past world by reliving it as Igor and Aio, mythical sovereigns of the Longobard people.
All ended with the abreaction, moment of the discharge of the tension accumulated in the unconscious, with a great and immediate physical and mental relief.
The psychotherapists of many schools and addresses have provided him with continuous intellectual stimulation. Fiorenzato has become fond of them, feels taken care of, pampered by them ... and if everyone feels the need to be pampered (especially the artists) he has felt it morbidly from the beginning: ever since, like a little monkey naked, she stood on her legs looking around to discover the world.
In June 1972 Alberto Fiorenzato debuted with his first solo show in his city of Padua, at the Saletta dello Studente. He was only 19 years old and that exhibition had been organized by prof. Anna Bocchino Antoniazzo, president of the Italian Association of Fine Arts and thanks to the teachings of the painter and set designer Roberto Anelli Monti (Milos).
Fiorenzato exhibited a series of tempera in which nature was declined looking at the Surrealists: Salvador Dalì of the "soft clocks" appeared eyed in those early works in which the metaphysical landscapes seemed to melt under agonizing rains.
In the picture Help! (1971) the landscape presents itself to us as after a shower of blood, since the blood occupies all the ground and drains from patches that stain the marble parallelepipeds against which tentacle-like trees stand out.
After these meetings, exhibitions and competitions are held, in which he obtains repeated prizes and awards.
In 1974 he founded the Patavium group with fellow painters; with it it is present in repeated national events.
From 1982 to 1984 he joined the Circolo Città di Padova and with some members he organized various pictorial exhibitions.
In this period he graduated from the international school of graphic design in Venice directed by prof. Enzo di Martino.
Since 1984, Fiorenzato establishes a deep and continuous association with the master Gianni Longinotti in technical, aesthetic and thought research.
In 1985 for Studiograph Edizioni he published the "La Metamorfosi" serigraph folder with the presentation of Dr. Marialuisa Camporese, Psychoanalyst, a journey towards knowledge, symbolized by the fragment of a melting glacier that materializes.
Firm photographic trips are frequent and frequent in Italy and abroad.
From the travel notes often resumes ideas and ideas to revisit the feelings reported by the countries encountered, such as Holland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, England, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Germany , the Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, etc.
Since 1990, in the search for new forms of expression, stimulated by architect Ornella Marcolongo, he rediscovers the taste of "painting in a decorative way", painting furnishing components and cabinets for the Marcolongo Furniture Factory in Cadoneghe PD.
From the relationship, with the sculptor Guido Sgaravatti, met in the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, he was born the love for those places and the possibility of being part of it and then from 1991 he opened a studio-home where he often returned to take refuge.
In 1991, in aid of Mastro Gianni Longinotti he took part in the realization of the wall tempera with fresh preparation for "La Vicinia" in the Medieval Village of Canale (Ville del Monte) Tenno TN.
In 1996 he published the serigraph folder "The encounter, the birth, the man", reflections from the reading of a writing by his friend Gigliola Marcolin.
For the II Biennale of Art Giovani, the Open 1998 project is called as a member of the jury.
In 2000 he published the "Dàimon" silk-screen folder and participated as a jury member at the XII international wood sculpture contest at Madonna di Campiglio.
The staff takes place at Villa Pisani di Stra '.
Since 2001, following the event "In the Wind", in the Caproni museum in Trento one of his works remains a permanent heritage of the museum and permanently exhibited.
In 2002, he was called at the "Maddalene" theater in Padua for the conception of the scenic installation in the theatrical representation "Manca Giuseppe" on the text and direction of dr. Marialuisa Camporese, psychoanalyst.
In 2003, with Cestari, Hollerbach, Longinotti, Muraro, Omezzoli, Pivetti and Salvetti he founded "Gruppo X", a center of artistic arts and crafts initiatives in Canale di Tenno (Tn).
In 2014 he joined the Gruppo Amici dell'Arte of Riva del Garda and entered a profound and fruitful friendship with the members, with whom he took part in numerous events.
On the occasion of the staff of Riva del Garda is taken care of by prof. Renzo Francescotti and published the monograph "Alberto Fiorenzato between psyche and painting".
In this period there are other personal events in Holland, in Germany, in Palazzo Libera in Villa Lagarina, in the Art-Time in Udine, etc.
In 2018 at the DUda Duca D'arte corridors of contemporary art in Padua, one of his works is acquired with a permanent exhibition.
In the same year the dott. Sella Irene supports the Thesis entitled "Alberto Fiorenzato, The harmony of color and sensations".
Collaborate with prof. Guido Omezzoli for the realization of raku ceramic panels and furnishing accessories.