Maiorini Piergiorgio

Maiorini Piergiorgio

Biography of Piergiorgio Maiorini

He was born in Udine in 1942 and since 1947 he lives in Rome.
In 1967 he graduated in Architecture at University in Rome "La Sapienza" and practiced the free profession until 2012 to devote himself full time to the creation of these sculptural compositions:

Made using waste equipment elements. The result is kinetic / mechanical compositions without any function other than the playful / aesthetic one. A purely Dadaist gesture, to give new life to the pantheistic object of our existence, which we all closed in the drawer of our memory.

Result of a loving search, on beaches and cliffs, of branches carried by the sea. In them the artist identifies the form and the suggestion that they hide and dissecting and chiseling with saw and chisel makes them obvious.

Composition of mechanical elements obtained from car or motorcycle repair waste that removed from their original context and stripped of their original function, reassembled on new supports, acquire their spatiality and expressive potentiality.

In these realizations the artist has been able to elaborate a style in which they blend the pleasure of the composition and the love for the material and in them also a humble mechanical part or a residual of electronic equipment can light pleasant emotions as pieces of ingenious constructive and refined fantasy, not cold pieces of iron but fragments of poetry and rags of soul.

In 1911 he began his exhibition activity with collective and solo exhibitions in various cities of Italy, taking part in today's almost 100 events.
Currently two of his works are on display at the Museum of the FIJLKAM center in Ostia, until March 2019.
Much of his activity is visible on the website

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