Vicentini Gabrio

Vicentini Gabrio

Biography of Gabrio Vicentini

Born in 1949 in a quayside of the river Po.
He has always been passionate about art, in particular painting, which he approached as self-taught after a professional life as a technical designer.
He currently lives in Bologna and one of his main occupations is being a grandfather.
He loves the joyful painting that he himself expresses with vivid and brilliant colors. In this way the artist is free to experiment with material productions combining colors with oil, sand, cement and adhesives.
In his latest works, inspired by the Russian avant-gardes of the early twentieth century, he works and creates in mixed media, leaving great space for the use of colored sand.
The critics have renamed these creations and the artistic phase that characterizes them as "The abstract abstractionism of Gabrio Vicentini"
He has participated in numerous national and international competitions, in solo and group exhibitions, receiving considerable success from critics and audiences.
His artworks are in private collections.

Some awards
1° Classificato al Concorso "SIGNALS FROM THE FUTURE" in Abano Terme nel Luglio 2016 con l'opera "I ROSEI CONFINI DELL'ANIMA Op. 262 KE 46"
1° Classificato al Concorso on-line "EMOZIONI D'INVERNO" Gennaio 2017 con l'opera " BORGO S. ALESSIO Op. 210 KD 69"

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